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All this work we do to develop a database of "Mets" and "Haven't mets" is nothing short of wonderful as it relates to generating leads for our pipeline. We rely on our prospecting based, marketing enhanced lead generation system to keep this flow  of leads strong and consistent. In the perfect RE...
My favorite mortgage Lender forwarded me this link to a YouTube Video. It actually sat in my in-box for a few days before I viewed the video because he tends to send more "serious and complicated" information that is difficult to comprehend . . . This one is different - Hope you  enjoy it . . . h...
Please pardon me for interjecting a non-real estate related post . . . We've had a tragic accidental death of a young boy in our Daughter's school . . . I blogged more detail here only post this here in the hope that it mi...
After my 443 session today, I had an associate poke her head in my office door with one of those: "Can I have just a minute?" . . . I had not yet gotten into my groove of wrapping up my day and document the variety of meetings I had had today - Also, I knew there were a few "Broker issues" in my ...
Hi Folks,I am interested in what "Win-Win" means to YOU???Will you comment on that here?The reason I ask is that it just now occurred to me that most of the MREA - Millionaire Real Estate Agent material comes from Masterminding. . . and what better place to do that then HERE?I am also particularl...
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Deb and I and the kids certainly did. We trekked to Wyoming, Ohio (Near Cincinnati) to celebrate with friends in their "castle" . . . a spectacular 117 year old house they bought a few months ago and have been renovating - Turret and 3rd floor "Ballroom" and a...
 I recieved an email from an agent in my office - My response is below - It turned into a blog post :-)Happy Thanksgiving! Your question was: "Alex called me earlier regarding one of our new agents and a lead she is working with that might be someone I have been working with.  At what point do we...
Greetings folks,HAPPY THANKSGIVING!We all have so many reasons to live from gratitude and forgiveness . . . This is the smoothest path to "making a difference in the world." Tis the season to be grateful for all of the people who have been in our lives - our WHOLE lives. Each and every person we ...
Allison emailed me about her experience with the 36:12:3. As I consider what I had said in my post and what she is saying in her comment, I realize that we (Trainers) have a high honor being bestowed with the responsibility of delivering such high level and potentially life-changing training to o...
This morning, I wrote a blog post on my other blogsite that I would like to share here. It is based on an email that my Father sent to a ListServe group a few days ago . . . His post was very timely for me, and I believe will resonate with many other people. If you're interested, just follow this...

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