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Are you celebrating the END of 2007 or the advent of a NEW YEAR FULL of abundant possibilities?If you've followed all of the advice from all of those gurus who have suggested that you work on your 2008 plan beginning some time in November, you may feel confident that you are ahead of the game fro...
Speaking of the great unknown . . . SO many great thinkers have exerted a LOT of brain power into discovering what conditions would consistently lead to break-throughs. The enigmatic truth is that most real break-through moments happen when they  are least expected in the most random circumstance...
Those guys at Apple are doing a GREAT job with their advertising and product development. That slim, trim, hip Mac guy standing there being so logical and matter-of-fact while the unsettled, overweight, conservative PC guy 'splains himself . . . Those ads are CLASSIC and VERY entertaining.We have...
OK - We're doing the usual things - Checking our shopping lists and making those last minute trips to the store for tape and wrapping paper - Wondering (as the "shipping days" wane to get things to their destinations in time for the big day)if we actually did it - When will we discover the gift w...
Today has been a very interesting day. I had a series of meetings - each of which contained bits and pieces of the REAL truth in the Real Estate market. As the day progressed, these random bits seemed to take some shape in my mind.Things are NOT as bad as the general public believes here in Middl...
This is the question I am being asked more and more frequently as our associates help their Seller clients who have decided to hold on to their house for sale instead of doing whatever it takes to sell (losing money) . . . Their rationale is that they can rent it to tenants for a period of time (...
WOW!Seems like just about everyone here has a tail. Some are longer than others. Some folks have a great tail . . . just didn't know what to call it ...Others knew the value of the tail and worked on theirs for a while but didn't quite make it through the dip (Through to "the other side") . . . D...
Or do you even HAVE a tail? on the internet, that is . . . A "tail" is a prominent presence on the internet so that when people search for things on Google or other search engines, they land on your site whether it be a blog site or your primary website. I've been experimenting to check the valid...
One of the TOP performers in our Market Center pulled me aside yesterday and asked me how to deal with a difficult agent. He immediately had my attention because I know this person to be a VERY steady, personable and professional person. This guy does a HUGE volume of business with apparent effor...
I subscribe to a daily inspirational message from . . . It's a very interesting thing. Whoever it is that writes these messages always seems to be standing on my shoulder as I travel along because the messages are uncanny . . . almost ALWAYS just what I need to hear. Today's message i...

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