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Every great event deserves a great ending. We end with celebration of the time we had together. We acknowledge our learnings, our new-found friends, and our love for each other. We understand that each of us is not exactly the same person who showed up at the beginning . . . that as we experience...
When you decide to go to a "learning opportunity" (class or convention), are you going to learn or to Learn to take action? Gary Keller said something that caught my attention with the simple comment that we should not learn just for the sake of learning . . . Learn with the purpose of taking act...
I looked up "Culture" @ my favorite source for information (wikipedia) and got this: If you follow the link, you will find an EXTREMELY detailed and convoluted exploration into the meaning and derivation of the word . . . over-whelming! That's not what I was l...
Don't let your awareness of your behavioral profile enable your latent desire to fail. That may sound strong, and it is. Many folks abuse this information by jumping to conclusions about themselves which end up precluding their ability to achieve the uncanny levels of success for which they have ...
So you say you're going to go on a diet to burn off those few extra pounds . . . When are you going to do this? When are you going to decide to turn this goal into a reality? "When?" is the question that turns the heat up on any procrastinator. "When?" has a unique agenda of its own . . . Kinda l...
What happens when an organization is so big and cumbersome that there is no apparent way for their customers to find any measure of acceptable resolve to even the simplest of issues? For me, this is an unfathomable issue. Clear to me is the essential truth that "average" doesn't make the cut in A...
Are you a people pleaser? Do you just LOVE doing whatever it takes to "make people happy"? Does it literally drive you crazy when you can't seem to please someone? Do you start wondering what's wrong with you? Have that feeling you've lost your People Pleasing powers? I'm going to do my best to l...
In a very candid discussion with a few of our agents yesterday, we explored this notion of how many people we would need to contact daily to build and sustain a thriving business. "100 Contacts a day!" said one person with much trepidation . . . "That's what I heard from so-and-so who sells GOBS ...
Cleaning out the old in-box this afternoon was VERY lucrative. My "way" when it comes to email is that if it comes into my email, it gets @ a 3 second evaluation after which I: - Take action immediately and archive - DELETE Immediately or - Leave in there til a later time when I can really take t...
My father has this wonderful observation about College campuses (Campi?). Have you ever noticed that students create their own paths as they commute (on foot) from class to class to class? Regardless of how nice and prim and proper the sidewalk system and landscaping and elaborate "Don"t Walk on ...

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