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The Music city Marathon happened this weekend in Nashville. Well . . . Most of it happened . . . the weather cut it a bit short to the chagrin of many of the "Full" contenders. Go figure. Hasn't rained in Nashville in darn near a MONTH, and on the very day of the Marathon, the heavens send us a f...
10  the number of showings you are getting will go from zero to MANY! 9 - People looking at your house will stop giving lame excuses for not making an offer 8 - When you look at your house in comparison to other listed houses nearby, you notice that yours is the one that stands out as a value (Lo...
Ever have one of those deals that just comes together without much effort at all? I've grown to dislike those! Maybe it's the pessimist in me, BUT  . . . I know that EVERY deal is most probably going to have its dips and rough spots. I'd just assume get those in the beginning rather than be cruis...
Today's soccer game for our 8 year old daughter was a little embarrassing. by the time Half-time rolled around, no-one was keeping score because our team was winning by something like a bajillion goals to NONE - I stopped counting @ 12. Our coach was doing his best to show good sprotsmanship. He ...
I'm not a "green Fanatic" by any stretch of the imagination, but there are some things that bug me sometimes . . . things that have to do with needless waste. In a recent meeting I attended along with 32 other folks, one of the agenda items was about "going green" and that organization's commitme...
1427 Inglewood Cr N Click this link for a complete Slide show "They" say that a picture is worth a thousand words . . . I say that in the case of this particular house, these pictures are worth a MILLION words. This is positively one of the most exceptional homes I have seen available on the "Eas...
"Break-through" your limiting beliefs. We all know deep inside that the only person who is ultimately responsible for our own personal realization of our true potential is . . . well . . . our own SELF! Only YOU can hold yourself back from success. No one else nor anything else can stop you if yo...
I cannot imagine ANYONE making the decision to move to a different home without a relatively large why. After all (Having just done this myself), moving is unsettling at best. There's that whole pesky thing about getting your current home staged and ready for the market. Gotta run the numbers to ...
I'm writing this blog post from an Open House I am hosting in one of our listings. Oh wait! I'm confused . . . It's Friday @ 12:15 and @ 30 minutes ago, I realized that I had a hole in my calendar for the day and thought about all the things I could do with that time, but I have already had a ver...
Developing a co-creative, highly leveraged, extraordinarily large (of epic proportions), TEAM of high achieving real estate professionals might be easier than it sounds. Let's just call this a "Social Experiment" for now.  It's all theory at this point . . . a concept . . . a VISION!  Some folks ...

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