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Tips and commentary For Home Buyers & Sellers and REALTORS with primary focus on LIVE - Work - Play - Life Rhythm - Life Performance Oriented thinking for regular folks



WHEW! We ALL DO a LOT of STUFF ALL DAY . . . EVERY DAY . . . How much of what YOU do can you "blame" for putting more money in your pocket? Before you commit your time, energy, and resources (money) to any given task or chore or process, what if you were to pause and run that idea through your "P...
How are you when it comes to dealing with STRESS? Don't shrug this off in denial . . . We ALL experience STRESS every day. Stress can incapacitate even the strongest warrior over time without proper perspective. There are different types of stress . . . and they are ALL essential in our lives bec...
Top of the morning to ya,   All high performing people understand the need for Calisthenics before rigorous or performance.   Most folks associate calisthenics with PHYSICAL forms of performance and know that the intent is to limber the body (Wake it up) to make it more pliable so that when the r...
Monday Morning Coffee - When the REAL Work Gets done #in   Good Morning! It's a National Holiday today - Jessica's Birthday! You know how "they" say: "It's the journey . . . NOT the destination" that counts? I believe there's some real truth to that quip. Last night, our daughters engaged in a ve...
There you are standing at check-in for your flight to your well deserved vacation. You've already booked your flight (and paid for it) and now all you've gotta do is get on the plane . . . The attendant asks How many bags are you checking? You admit to having 2 + a carry-on . . . You see her fing...
My theme for the week seems to be trending along the lines of "People who talk too much" :-) Every so often while showing houses, I'll drive down the driveway of the house i'm showing and will notice tell-tale signs that a Seller might be waiting to ambush me and my Buyer when we least expect it....
I take great pride in selling houses that are "good" houses with respect to condition. It's not that I sell ONLY perfect hoses . . . it's that through the years, I have learned most of the "inspector Hot Buttons" and can point them out to my Buyers while we're touring the houses. It's simple thin...
When it's over, It's over! Most business people take some level of pride in their negotiating prowess. After all, the "worth" of many folks in their professions relies heavily on their ability to coax and persuade in order to get whatever it is that they or their client wants . . . resulting in a...
Monday Morning Coffee - worth the wait! #in Happy father's day to all those great dad's out there.   I hope your day was as cool and refreshing as mine even though we were facing near 100 degree (stifling) HEAT here in Nashville.   My day began with a nice walk with Apollo . . . followed by the f...
Our last membership meeting for the Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS was last week. The "Special Guest" was 8 REALTORS for a "Superstar Panel". We all learned a LOT from these top performers. Mostly, we learned that there was no "silver bullet" - that is, one single secret to success. I ...

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