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Seth Godin wrote a great little blog post this morning . . . Sabotage! "Just about all sabotage is self-sabotage." Quit blaming others for your own failures . . . or successes. comparing yourself to others is an exercise in futility . . . It just leads to angst. Conspiracy Theory is a wonderful w...
For years, i've been calling the same guy for my Termite inspections. I have always liked Hank because he's easy to work with . . . Fairly priced . . . and has saved my butt more than once in one of those occasional closing day panics that follow the question: "Do you have the termite letter?" Ha...
I know I know . . . Vacations are for relaxing . . . and getting away from it all, right? Yet what you do in your professional life is a part of you. so . . . When traveling, do you set any time aside to connect with people at your destination who do what you do . . . Just for perspective to lear...
I used to hate going to the zoo. In fact, i don't think I can ever remember a time (even when I was a child) when I was thrilled at the prospect of going to the zoo. Why? It wasn't because I don't like zoos or animals . . . I LOVE looking at and learning about animals and could spend hours watchi...
I know . . . It's easy for ME to say that you can accomplish ANYTHING you set your mind to. It's easy to say that if you identify and overcome ALL of your limiting beliefs, you will find success beyond measure. It's easy to say that your potential is boundless - Your self-imposed boundaries squel...
Monday Morning Coffee - Patience, Endurance, and the ability to SPRINT Good morning! Are you enjoying this blistering HOT weather? As I was leaving Hart Hardware with some new toilet innards, I glanced at the Marquee - 97 Degrees . . . then at my clock - 12:17 . . . YIKES! At that moment I commit...
Was that "Smokey & The Bandit"? One of the most memorable quotes from any movie I've watched. Seems every time I get into one of those Twilight Zone negotiations in which I feel like I'm speaking plain English and the other agent is speaking some obscure dialect of Tribal Gibberish, this image ap...
The directions on my bottle of shampoo say: "Massage into wet hair, lather and rinse thoroughly - Repeat" In the Army, I was taught: Plan, Prepare, Stage, Action, After Action review . . . for every mission This morning's message from Http:// to me is: Be still, Barry. Stop thinking. F...
What's your first thought when you're walking your dog through your neighborhood every morning and you notice that one of your neighbor's yard which has always been meticulously manicured is now growing taller with each day that passes? Your mind starts running through the possibilities. Have you...
I had the great pleasure of attending a Real Estate BarCamp in Gallatin, TN yesterday. I'm not "from there" but I knew that anyone who would attend a Barcamp would be friendly folks . . . and that I would probably find a few folks I know and meet some new friends . . . All the while learning lear...

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