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An often heard cliche in my world: "What you think, EXPANDS!" We went to an Open House last night at our daughter's school, and I saw many people I had not seen since school dismissed for Summer Break in May. More than one gave me that sympathetic look and asked me if we are doing OK? They seemed...
From Wiki: "in·dom·i·ta·ble - Incapable of being overcome, subdued, or vanquished; unconquerable I like that word almost as much as I like the word Indefatigable (untiring). There's something about Spirit that always seems to be the separator of the men from the boys . . . 1st place from 2nd plac...
I know many talented people who haven't achieved remarkable levels of success. I also know many klutzes who seem to have conquered the world (in spite of their "short-comings"). Then, there are those people (Bless their HEARTS!) who are ALWAYS working working working . . . They work SO much harde...
Thank you to my daughter Allison for creating the title of this post :-) Do you know anyone who is freaked out about the market these days? Are you? What are you going to do about it? Can you change it? Here's what I know . . . Anyone can be just as successful (if not more) in this market as they...
I'd venture to say that most Home Owners in Tennessee who have a crawl space have water in their crawl space are not aware of it. After all, how often do you crawl into your crawl space and hang out? Of course, why even go down there unless there's a known problem or a need - like running TV cabl...
Monday Morning Coffee - The Weather #in   Good Monday morning to ya! I just got back from my morning walk with Apollo. We had quite a treat when we stepped out the front door @ 5:10 . . . COOL (@ 70) and CLEAR and not too humid. We both rejoiced and enjoyed a brisk 2 mile walk and for the first t...
When asked which of the 2 houses young Anthony thinks the family should buy, he didn't even pause to think and blurted out: "The FIRST one!" When asked why? "Because you can't just buy a good climbing tree!" The first house has this GREAT climbing tree right next to the house and a beautiful, lar...
We all have our past experiences . . . and perhaps prior careers. Of course, we draw upon all of that prior experience as we journey forward and share this knowledge with others when we encounter scenarios in which it applies. I am a retired US Army Engineer which means that I know a lot about a ...
OMG! What would YOU do if you were to wake up tomorrow morning in complete silence? That is . . . no house noises whatsoever . . . No ice maker dropping ice . . . no air conditioner whirring . . . no lights . . . no noise . . . AAACK! the power is out! A quick check of your phone . . . no service...
We all talk a lot about the plan. Many of us call it different things (Vision, Goals, Aspirations) and have myriad ways to project HOW we are going to get from here . . . . to THERE. That's the PLAN. Some of us spend LOTS of time, energy, and resources developing this PLAN and don't quite get aro...

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