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  How do you keep all of the balls in the air? How many balls can you juggle without dropping any? If I were to toss one more ball into your routine every few rotations . . . and you reached your capacity . . . how would you decide which balls to drop, and which balls to keep juggling? The realit...
  Comfort zones are comfortable, aren’t they? No! Really! Folks could argue: “Why rock the boat if everything is cruising along with relative ease and enjoyment?” I believe there’s a fine line here, over which the comfort zone lulls the patient (us) into a delusional false sense of security . . ....
  Financial planners and consultants often say: “Pay yourself FIRST!” . . . to encourage folks to set money aside in RESERVE before paying everyone else (the bills) . . . they know that if you don’t pay yourself first, you’ll likely get into a pattern in which you don’t EVER pay yourself. There a...
Who do you know who you are quite certain is addicted to Social Media? Are You? Let’s be honest . . . Do you communicate with Friends, family, work associates more through Facebook than any other means? Are you taking pictures of most meals? “checking in” everywhere you go? Texting while driving?...
  Well! We humans have done it . . . We’re all BUSY! We’ve finally been able to create enough moving parts and complexity we can go virtually anywhere in the world and never leave the office. We got what we asked for – “Life in the fast lane” As we add more moving parts, are we enhancing our live...
I had to think twice before publishing this one . . .  Lest I be judged :-) Judging others is a dangerous business. “Judge not, lest ye be judged” Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. From The Washington Post - Story on the Memorial service for Whitney Houston: “Kevin Costner, h...
  Does anticipation of a reward always motivate higher performance? Some would say: “that might depend on what the reward is!” If the player doesn’t see the value . . . the benefit of the reward, the probability of goal achievement (winning) decreases precipitously. When served in the Army, I rec...
Let’s Get Moving . . . and BB’s A HUGE segment of our population is getting more and more attention from Media, Politicians, and Marketers . . . . and definitely merit the attention of the savvy real Estate Professional. BABY BOOMERS (From the “OFFICIAL BBHQ” – Baby Boomer HeadQuarters) “Stated v...
  My wife Debbie Guthery-Owen led a great session at yesterday’s Pareto Realty weekly pow-wow. She incorporated some great short videos from guru Zig Ziglar who certainly has always had a knack for identifying simple, timeless BFO (Blinding Flashes of the Obvious) and creating short sayings that ...
  You’re invited: “Mobile Technology – Is it making your life easier?“ Wednesday Feb 15, 2012 10-Noon Pinnacle Bank Green Hills 2307 Crestmoor FREE LUNCH provided by Will Mclemore of Mclemore Auction Co  PLEASE RSVP – Limited seating “They” say: “He with the most toys wins!” Usually it’s tongue i...

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