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Tips and commentary For Home Buyers & Sellers and REALTORS with primary focus on LIVE - Work - Play - Life Rhythm - Life Performance Oriented thinking for regular folks



  YOU are invited to a VERY important conversation Unlocking the potential of working with Baby Boomers Wednesday May 2, 2012 10 AM Freeman Webb Mortgage – 3810 Bedford Ave., Suite 300 FREE Lunch Provided by Cathy Cowan and Phillip Fenton Please RSVP by return email (Limited Seating) Without ques...
  Good Morning! Like it or not, we each have the same amount of TIME every day – 24 Hours . . . The same number of days each week – 7 . . . Why do some folks seem to get SO much more done with their 24/7 than others? What’s the secret? Yesterday, we (My family) made it to church on time. It’s an ...
  Generosity abounds . . . Read to the bottom for some great FREE resources – DO IT TODAY 4/28 because one of these offers expires at the end of the day. One very COOL thing the internet has done for us all is to give VERY generous (and smart/wise) people a platform to share some REALLY good stuf...
We all have MANY “opportunities” to spend money on our businesses.   Whether it be marketing schlock, media ads (radio, TV, Print), Direct mail, BLAST email, Internet SEO, we can all spend a $gazillion dollars$ every month with the hope that it’ll perform as promised by bringing us MORE LEADS whi...
  What’s so different about Pareto Realty? In many ways, we are “breaking the mold” of the traditional real estate sales firm model . . . and we are doing so with full intent to positively impact our COMMUNITY as we “The Vital Few” practice our art of working with Home Buyers and Sellers througho...
  Why do you spend money on Marketing? What’s your goal with every dollar you spend on Marketing? Do you think it through to the end before making the choice to spend more? What results do you WANT? More Leads? More Sales? Better quality of life derived from more income? Less work and more play? ...
  Innovators take a LOT of risk. They adapt to new technologies before anyone else . . . try new techniques . . . introduce wildly unique products and services . . . and often do all of tthese things in a “zero Basis” environment. “Zero Basis” simply means that there’s no quantifiable measure or ...
  As we were driving to my daughter’s school yesterday morn, we passed Stokes Elementary . . . Jessica said: “Why would JANITORS need TRAINING?” There’s a bit of a “back Story” here. Stokes is a GRAND OLD building that was an elementary school for YEARS. My guess is that Metro Schools “decommissi...
GOLFERS and SHOPPERS UNITE - 2913 Fernbrook - Under $200,000 and right smack in the middle of Golfing/Shopping Mecca       WOW! $198,500 - Just around the corner from Opryland Hotel and conference Center, Opry Mills. MULTIPLE Parks and Golf Courses, The Cumberland River and Stones River . . . and...
This is one of those neighborhoods into which you can't even buy yourself very often - RARE!       Lakeview is a quiet little street that deadends into the Radnor Lake property. It’s on the “Back side” away from all the noise  Sometimes, I get the opportunity to list a house for sale that REALLY ...

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