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  “Everyone has a Veteran in their life!” I’m a Veteran who served 12 years and was fortunate not to have paid the ultimate sacrifice. For that, I am thankful . . . and because of that I am ever more appreciative of those who have – Some 1.3 MILLION of them who have persevered and protected our w...
“Spirit” – The Statistical study spoiler MAY 25, 2012 BY BARRY OWEN LEAVE A COMMENT (EDIT) There’s often a very large dead moose under the table at which Folks in the world of “academia” and Folks in the “Real World” sit. The root of the problem is that identifying “Cause and effect” for much of ...
  It’s easy for some folks in a real estate transaction (or any other transaction) to procrastinate . . . and/or practice the fine art of “Inattention to Details” . . . or “Ball Dropping” . . . We all know that this behavior catches up to the perpetrators as the closing date draws near. How’s it ...
  What’s your batting average? How many deals do you have to negotiate before a commission check shows up? Do you track this? When a deal fails to come to terms . . . or comes unglued during contract to close, whose fault is it? Yours? Anyone’s? Do you do an “after Action Review” after every nego...
  Did you know that 93.4 % of all statistics quoted are made up? Yep! Most Stats are fictitious amalgamations, interpolations, surmises, and contrived opinions of relative Truth. The remaining 6.6% of statistics probably aren’t any more truthful, but I made up those percentages, so I guess it doe...
  In business, many folks wonder if there really IS such a thing as “Win-Win” After all, “Business” always has some level of competitive undertone even if not ostensible. There’s just one pie, and we’re all in business to get our “Fair Share” . . . Having said that, how is it a “Win-Win” for a se...
  Every job/profession has a “process” . . . The way things happen to deliver the service or product the customer/client expects. The smoother the process AND the more pleasing the outcome for the Customer = repeat and referralbusiness. If you want to be famous for ANYTHING, have the smoothest pr...
Audit! AACK! AUDIT? REALLY? Very few people have happy, positive reactions to news of a surprise audit. Whether it be the IRS, the Real Estate Commission, The Drill Sergeant, or your Mom’s “White glove inspection” of your room, every person who’s ever been audited KNOWS what’s there to catch and ...
  It seems some folks came out of the womb negotiating. Debbie and I have 2 daughters and a son, and we are certain that all 3 will succeed at VERY high levels because of their innate ability to negotiate. Perhaps a part of the reason is that they all have heard us negotiating in our business sin...
Verizon made a HUGE impression with this phrase: “Can You Hear Me NOW?” As their little nerd with a cell phone roamed the country pushing the limits with their cell phone coverage. Verizon knows that their primary job is to provide a reliable communication platform . . . and they know voids in th...

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