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  Like it or not, we ALL drop a ball once in a while. Whether it be that we allow busyness to distract us from business . . . or have a brain fart and simply FORGET to follow through . . . or one of our team members blows a gasket and fumbles his part . . . Whatever the “Reason” or “Excuse,” thos...
  The “problem” with most underappreciated professionals is their failure to brag on themselves. Failure to communicate your process in the beginning to your customer/client is heresy to those who seek excellence. It doesn’t matter how good and thorough and diligent you are in your work if you fa...
  The first thing I saw on facebook this morning was a post saying Friday’s weather report calls for 107 Degrees in Nashville . . . Next post said “107″ . . . WOW! That’s HOT! Don’t let the heat keep you down. Yesterday, I actually heard someone say: “It’s too hot to go to the pool.” I know there...
  Good Morning! We are almost at mid-year! Today is 1/2 Christmas  About to enter the 3rd Quarter . . . “Summer Break” is @ 1/2 over . . . and the temperature outside this week will exceed 95 degrees most days This is a great time to assess how things are going in 2012 . . . and what it’s going t...
Pandora Radio asked me:   “Are you still listening?” We pay for each song we play, so we try not to play to an empty room”   Don’t we ALL “pay for each song we play?”   Whether it be the telling of a story, a simple conversation, a performance, a job we’re doing, a blog we’re writing . . .   Each...
  What’s WHAT worth? Whatever “IT” is . . . It’s worth what a Buyer is willing to pay. Is that ALWAYS true? In most things, YES! In real estate . . . maybe not! If a lender is going to assume the bulk of the financial risk by funding the purchase, that lender is going to require a 3rd party opini...
  “RCE” = REALTOR Communication Etiquette Effective and efficient REALTOR to REALTOR communication is essential if our collective goal is to serve our public impeccably, right? After all, we ARE “Real Estate Sales Professionals,” and as “Professionals” we pride ourselves in our ability to communi...
  When people say “Don’t sweat the small stuff!“, they’re generally referencing obsessive compulsive distraction by pesky issues . . . When something someone says rubs you the wrong way or has a quirk or mannerism that bugs you, and you allow it to consume your attention to the point at which you...
  The Nashville TN real estate market has a conspicuous shortage of properties for rent/lease . . . and an oversupply of folks in need of a rental. This is a phenomenon that is giving rise to the creation of a market that’s (until recently) been flying under the radar . . . almost non-existent. A...
  In most real estate transactions . . . and most business transactions . . . and most relationships (Biz AND Personal) . . . Failure to LAUNCH (Succeed – Meet the goal or objective) happens because of: FAILURE TO COMUNICATE DON’T DO THIS! It’s just plain SILLY. There’s enough raplexity (Rapid Co...

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