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  FAST and FURIOUS doesn’t always make you a star. Myriad Businesses, Movie Stars, and Musicians have popped on the National and International fame and fortune radar only to become a flash in the pan. Some folks call these “One Hit Wonders” and then they fade into the background and people wonder...
  The last day of 2012 is here. Many (most) people will talk of “New Year Resolutions” tonight . . . and most of those resolution will fizzle within a few weeks. The gyms and Diet programs will rejoice with the sudden influx of new members. Will a resolution change your life? What radical differe...
  There are lots of folks out there wondering if the Real estate market has improved “enough” for them to sell their house. Perhaps they wanted to sell their house as the market was sliding down and discovered that they were upside down (Owed more than it was worth) and decided to keep it a rent ...
  I’ve noticed a trend here in Middle Tennessee. The Developers and Builders are BUSY! Yep! they’re back in business, and it’s not just in isolated areas of Nashville. There’s Building and Development happening ALL over Nashville and surrounding cities/burbs. New businesses and manufacturing plan...
  You’re all out of excuses. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard trash-talking 2012. . . . Talking about how they wish this year were OVER! The implication is that upon waking on Wednesday morning, it’ll be a whole new ball game . . . Poor little 2012 is the sheep-goat - taking the blame ...
  One ENTIRE day off with NO electronics and 100% genuine contact with MY family. Guess what? I got that . . . and MORE! Some would say that my expectations/aspirations weren’t very high this year. After all, EVERY year of my conscious life I have asked for a red Porsche 911 . . . I have yet to f...
  It’s gonna be a great day! I saw a recent writing (didn’t capture the source) . . . Oh! Wait! The source is our priest at The Cathedral of The Incarnation here in Nashville. While we all go into our days of Christmas celebrations with all of the trimmings and and gifts, let’s not forget the ori...
  Tis the day before the day before Christmas! What’s on your agenda? It also happens to be a Sunday, so maybe Church? Last minute shopping? Party Preparations? Present Wrapping? What’s on your mind? Wouldn’t you LOVE to have a couple of days during which you can have silent enjoyment with friend...
  The problem with telling a little fib or lie is that once it’s out there, it’s out there. You can’t change it because if you do, they’ll know. So . . . If you’re going to do it, you’re going to have to remember which story you told to whom. People talk to people . . . and people within your sph...
   Don’t shun tradition!   Create Tradition! . . . Carry it on!   Enhance it . . . Honor its origin!   Know that “Traditions” are the legacies of those who have gone before us.   When it’s time to “practice” the tradition, it’s also time for some great story telling.   That pile of raw baby-back ...

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