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Tips and commentary For Home Buyers & Sellers and REALTORS with primary focus on LIVE - Work - Play - Life Rhythm - Life Performance Oriented thinking for regular folks



  Good morning!   I think we're FINALLY shifting from winter to Spring here in Nashville.   With all of the recent Spring Showers, our world is beginning to BLOSSOM in so many ways.   Lots of spring showers means more clouds and less sun . . .   and it's all good because . . .   the trees and gra...
  This morning, I awakened at the ridiculously late (for me) time of 7:08 AM. Most mornings by 7:08, I’ve done more than many people do all day. I was TIRED . . . VERY TIRED . . . at the end of last night and not feeling so well as my Spring allergies are kicking my butt in the form of a relentle...
Why YES! Supply and Demand analysis is essential in these fluid times After several years of a lot of the same . . . Relatively balanced market . . . REALTORS and home sellers could rely on “Historic Data” to determine how much to ask for a house. It was a mathematical computation based almost en...
NOW! As the 1st quarter of 2013 comes to a close (on Easter Sunday), I’ve been thinking that this year is exceptional. Literally, the real estate market was VERY different only 6 months ago . . . and ALL of the difference has been GOOD. I know that I (and and the Vital Few @ Pareto Realty) have b...
Each time you meet with a new prospect, your resume preceeds you.   When Prospective Home Buyers and Sellers call you to INTERVIEW you in order to decide if you're the right agent for them in their real estate transactions, they probably already HAVE you resume. Do YOU have your resume? If you’re...
Just bragging about this cool house :-) Does that sound too good to be true? How could this be? Really . . . If you buy this house and live in it (Owner/Occupant), you can enjoy monthly cash flow that should easily exceed the cost of owning it (Mortgage Payment, Utilities, Maintenance) There’s no...
  Seems there’s a statistician in most every gaggle of people. and did you know that 86.3% of all spoken statistic are made up? We REALTORS talk a LOT about statistics and trends . . . and we study them and make up our own . . . all in the name of being knowledgeable enough to be able to advise o...
  What’s the use of asking: “Is there any room on the price?” The answer of any exclusive agent who honors fiduciary duty to the client will answer: “NO!” every time . . . because the asking price is the price. If you want to know if there’s room on the price, go to the “trouble” to compose an of...
  As a Real Estate Sales Professional, I receive myriad “cold calls” from VERY convincing sounding folks peddling “guarantees” of gobs of LEADS for my business. I suspect that this phenomenon isn’t unique to my industry. Likely, most every industry has its own rendition of companies and consultan...
  REALLY? This comment came at the end of session I facilitated during which I stressed the importance of having a strong accountability network built around the participants’ efforts to implement The Life Rhythm Way. Throughout the session, my mantra was that understanding the flow of the “syste...

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