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Tips and commentary For Home Buyers & Sellers and REALTORS with primary focus on LIVE - Work - Play - Life Rhythm - Life Performance Oriented thinking for regular folks



  When a Home Seller agrees to pay costs on behalf of the Buyer, we call this “Seller Participation.” This type of “Seller Participation” is an ACTIVE decision which the Seller can calculate and deduct from the proceeds thereby knowing the “net proceeds.” A relatively high percentage of real esta...
Good Monday Morning! The past several weeks in the Middle Tennessee Residential Real Estate Market have been nothing but exciting. Things got off to an early start in 2013 with “record Numbers of sales” beginning in January after years of “Doldrums.” While there have moments of pause, the pace ha...
  Seth Godin wrote a provocative little blog post this morning entitled The Hard Parts in which he says: “Today, though, it’s the difficult work that’s worth doing. It’s worth doing because difficult work allows you to stand out, create value and become the one worth choosing. Seek out the diffic...
  I witnessed a phenomenal, enigmatic, problem-solving attempt that ultimately failed miserably because of “Policy.” Without going into boring details, this “training organization” is facing a shift in the demand of the services/classes they offer and were trying to “fix” this problem . . . their...
  It’s all Open Space! Forever stuck in my mind is my Father’s (Harrison Owen) comment something along the lines that “Everything is Self-Organizing . . . always has been and always will be!” I find this to be true! As I began imagining the launch of my new Real Estate Sales firm Pareto Realty in...
  Yep! Once in while, we all drop a ball (or 2). Sometimes we forget to return a call (or 2). Maybe we get “too busy” and miss an appointment (or 2). Perhaps we make a few promises and fail to deliver a time (or 2). When’s the last time you set a goal (or 2) and didn’t reach it? How bout those ti...
  The only thing that is certain is change. We are ALWAYS in transformation. Everything is moving . . . always. and it seems that the shifts are moving FASTER and FASTER . . . and the faster we go, we behinder we get. So . . . How do we keep up? Clearly, some folks “get it” sooner than others . ....
  Today was the day for the world’s BEST REBarCamp in Nashville. 750ish Top Notch REALTORS (From all over the country) were expected to show up at Rocketown throughout the day. My strategy for events like this is to accomplish 2 things: See the “Right People” Seize ONE Implementable Idea I always...
  “Wholemeal” (Done in WHOLE) + “C2C” (Contract to Close) = “Done in WHOLE Contract to Close” Which means (In Barry-speak) that it’s not “Piecemeal” (Done in Random Parts) + “C2C” (Contract to close) = “Recipe for disaster” The Contract to Close phase of every real estate transaction can make or ...
  Success leaves clues. In the game of soccer, the score at the end of the game seldom reflects what REALLY happened on the field. Many games end with very few (if any) points on the board even though one team may have played astronomically better than the other. A term often spoken is simply: “U...

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