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Our prospects have access to more information than EVER. Most of What Mattered to them 20 years ago relative to their expectations from a Real Estate Sales Professional (Or pretty much ANY service industry), comes “for FREE” these days with a few clicks of their mouse or taps on their pad . . . I...
As we all ramble through life, we’re Freshmen again and again and again . . . Graduate from Kindergarten and you’re a Freshman in Elementary School . . . Graduate from Elementary School and you become a Freshman in Middle School . . . Graduate from Middle School and become a Freshman in High Scho...
Wouldn’t it be great if you had NO competition? In that world, your phone would ring and provide you with a consistent flow of good, quality leads. These leads would be people who are JUST like the people with whom you most enjoy working. These new customers and clients would respect your time an...
QUIT! Yep! If you hate your job, the best thing you can do for yourself (and the people you are “serving”) is to go AWAY. Odds are decent, your absence will improve the ambiance of your current place of employment. You might say: “But I can’t find a job doing something that I like to do . . .” To...
Good Tuesday Morning to ya! I hope you had a great (LONG and RELAXING)  Memorial Day weekend as we all celebrated and remembered the fallen soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice protecting our Country and freedom. Monday Morning Coffee comes on Tuesday morning this week because we headed out e...
The June 2013 issue of National Geographic has as a main theme: “The New Explorers – The Risks They Take” The questions they pose have relevance in EVERY aspect of our lives because they are essentially exploring how we deal with RISK . . . 4 significant quotes: “WHY do we do it (take Risks)? Wha...
Sleepless, restless nights happen to most of us. For some folks, what keeps them awake could have a medical reason . . . a mental or physical malady which the right doctor can allay with appropriate treatment. My suspicion, though, is that the preponderance of sleepless nights happen for reasons ...
Every day is a graduation . . . a reason to celebrate the schooling of the day. After which we sleep and awaken next morning as Freshmen in the next day’s school. This time of Year, there are graduations of greater magnitude . . . Like from Kindergarten, Middle School, High School, College, Gradu...
Well! Seth Godin did it again! He hit the nail on the head . . . a nail that most people avoid like the plague . . . in today’s blog post: Let’s start with “sorry” How do YOU handle sticky situations? When you hear the phone ring and see “THAT PERSON’s” number on the caller ID and you KNOW why he...
“Back in the day” (5ish years ago) . . . As we were enjoying more than a dozen years of nothing but great Real Estate Sales and Economic growth, we accumulated enough data (precedent) to give “non-specialized” real estate sales professionals the tools they needed to operate effectively in virtual...

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