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In all my 20+ years of selling real estate in Middle Tennessee, I have been the curmudgeon when it comes to being a believer that ANY house could be “Better than new.” How can something – ANYTHING – that’s already been “used” be “Better Than New?” Wouldn’t “Normal wear and tear”  make it less go...
I know I can: Mow my yard every week Paint the walls and trim in house (Inside and Out) Learn how to, then fix any electrical issues Install a new toilet Assemble stuff that needs assembling Change the oil in my car Wash and Wax my car Build a fence or a deck Clean my gutters Cut down that tree L...
SMH! I first encountered this acronym on Facebook when I asked a friend why he got fired from his job. His simple reply was: “SMH!” Not wanting to expose my ignorance, I did some research (Googled it) and found this definitionin the Urban Dictionary. “Shaking my Head” There now . . . You’ve alrea...
These are BOLD and adventuresome folks who seem to be on a quest to MASTER something much bigger than themselves. Other people stand by and comment on their dangerous antics and accuse them of being addicts to “Flirting with Disaster” or “Danger Junkies.” For sure, they know danger . . . and they...
 . . . of your enemy . . .  I’m reading a fascinating “Advance Review Copy” of a novel written by Steve Kubicek (author of “Up and In“) and am already learning quite a bit about the wisdom of George Washington. This quote jumped off the page at me as one of acute relevance in all of our Personal...
“Highest and Best” seems to be showing up in conversations relating to myriad topics these days. Some ways I hear folks apply: We have multiple offers! Give me your Highest and Best offer NLT 5 PM tomorrow. We will let you know if you win the property by 10 AM next day. What’s the Highest and Bes...
Odds are good that if you were to attend a meeting that lasts 10 Hours, you would want it to be USEFUL and productive use of your time, right? I think most people will answer: “YES!” because time is valuable . . . Once you spend it, you cannot have it back. We all have the same 24 Hours in every ...
I’d be tickled pink if the word “but” were to be erased from the English language . . .  . . . but then what would people say when they don’t want to hear anything but what they want to hear? “But” cancels, negates, and fails to honor anything that was said prior. If you don’t like what she says,...
There 2 kinds of businesses – Generalized and Specialized. Some folks might think I’m over-simplifying . . . I think not. Both of these kinds of business can grow and become profitable albeit in very different ways. There’s something deceiving about this . . . some of the businesses you might thi...
KUDOS to Active Rain for that WAY COOL way of verifying that only real people can comment on posts. I HATE HATE HATE those obscure gray and black boxes with the sqwuigly letters that you've gotta type . . . Can't ever seem to get them on the first try, BUT . . .  I CAN put the foot (Or computer o...

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