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“I jumped over the cliff because HE jumped over the cliff.” “Well – Everyone ELSE was doing it, so I thought it was COOL!” My NEIGHBOR told me she’s seen inside that house, and MINE is MUCH better. I’ve got a $237,000 swimming pool and outdoor living area . . . My curb appeal is WAY better than a...
Every REALTOR hears this question OFTEN. Depending on what the news is reporting, the intonation and body language of the asker varies, but the question seldom changes. When the media is preaching doom and gloom in the economy and a person encounters a REALTOR, the tone is one of grave concern, e...
“What MATTERS” = “Your 20%” = “Your Vital Few” All the rest is the “Trivial Many.” This first time heard anyone use the words “What Matters” was @ 4 years ago. I was watchingGary Keller giving a talk about his “Quantum Leap” (Life Balance) program. He very matter-of-factly said (not an exact quot...
Don’t think those thoughts! If what many folks say about “That upon which you focus , EXPANDS” is true . . . and you are obsessed with this mortal fear that this busy market we are experiencing will tumble soon and leave us all floundering just as before (2007-2008) . . . Then if it DOES tumble, ...
Today is the first full day of Autumn! This is one of my favorite days of the year, and the magnificence of the weather here in Middle Tennessee yesterday and today accentuate our appreciation. Crisp mornings and mild days . . . Not too cold and not too hot. At the advent of each new season, I pa...
Walking your dog could be one of your best lead generation tools. Seriously! Do you have a dog? If you do have a dog and that dog isn’t getting you leads for your business, it’s YOUR fault . . . not the dog’s. Of course, you probably initially adopted your dog for reasons other than lead generati...
If you have something important to communicate, speak CLEARLY! Don’t you love it when you check voice mail and one of the messages is so garbled that you’ve gotta listen to it 8 times before you have any idea who it is and why they called? The phone number they left is only 6 digits . . . They’re...
Go ahead and admit that you’re a juggler! IN the literal sense, a juggler keeps more than one ball (or object) in the air at a time and gives the observer the illusion that he has some mystical multi-tasking ability. the reality of this act act is that the juggler is only touching one ball at a t...
“Lead Generation” is what brings a flow of business  into every business. All business owners MUST do this . . . or the business dies. Market dynamics preclude the long-term effectiveness of relying on any single source of new leads . . . Just about the time we find a steady flow, the winds shift...
Whatever it is . . . It’s gonna Be OK! REALLY! It IS! We ALL have plenty to fret about. ANYTHING can go wrong and according to Murphy, EVERYTHING will. It usually hits the fan when you least expect it . . . and it comes in 3′s. Sometimes it kicks you when you’re already down . . . and then kicks ...

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