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I talk a LOT about things that MATTER! In fact, I’m so steeped in this “Things that Matter” stuff that I named my real estate firm Pareto Realty because “Pareto” is representative of the Pareto Principle (AKA the 20/80 Principle). In simplest terms, The “Vital Few” (20%) represent accomplishment ...
Could I imagine the brilliant solutions available! I recently hired a team of Social Media Experts to help me get more exposure for Pareto Realty! Well – Let me clarify. My wife Debbie found these experts and brought them to me because she’d been observing my attempts and knew that I needed help ...
Some things I love about Nashville. Posted on June 26, 2014 by Barry Owen — No Comments ↓ Yesterday, I needed to pick up an Earnest money check from a client . . .  That’s one thing I love about Nashville because it means I sold a house . . . and LOTS of houses and condominiums are selling these ...
It’s a veritable Ground Zero that’s sending shockwaves throughout the SouthEast and Beyond. When the economy went funky @ 7-8 years ago, Residential construction in the Downtown Nashville core came to a screeching HALT and many developers went belly-up. Many projects never made it out of the grou...
because WE ARE NASHVILLE With great excitement and anticipation, I have been boasting that Pareto Realty is the sole real estate firm firm for: This is a FREE Festival with 4 Thursday night concerts ending with a 3 day festival. August 14, 21, 28 & September 4,5,6 Band Line-up to be announced Jun...
It pains me to witness the real cost of an uninformed Strategy . . . FSBO = “For Sale By Owner” Miscue = (in billiards) a shot in which the player fails to strike the ball properly with the cue. Bless their hearts! Some folks who choose to sell their houses themselves (without hiring a Real Estat...
Mayor Dean and I don’t always see eye-to-eye. It’s not like we’re “Best Buds” or anything, but we have crossed paths more than once on opposite sides of the table with some pretty contentious matters through the years. Fundamentally, I agree with and am very appreciative of the Mayor’s commitmen...
It’s not ALWAYS true that “You pay for what you get!” Sometimes you get a bargain . . . Sometimes you feel gypped . . . One man’s bargain is another man’s gyp . . . It’s all relative to your expectations. I personally am astounded by people who think a $7.25 cup of coffee could possibly be worth ...
I lead this post with a very sad, recent customer service experience . . . My favorite “Surrogate, remote office” is a Coffee/Bagel shop within walking distance of my office. A few times each week, I escape the din of my office and work from there for FOCUS time and to meet with friends, clients,...
Do you know HOW to buy a house? My guess is that most people who have never bought a house have not made a conscious choice NOT to buy . . . They simply don’t know HOW! (and may be embarrassed to ask even though they are quintessentially qualified) This common “inaction” begins at the very core w...

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