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Tips and commentary For Home Buyers & Sellers and REALTORS with primary focus on LIVE - Work - Play - Life Rhythm - Life Performance Oriented thinking for regular folks



Like a gerbil on a wheel? Herding kittens? Chasing your tail? Not sure whether you’re coming or going? So busy you “don’t have time for that?” Dropping lots of balls and seldom scoring? Wishing you could be an ostrich? (Stick your head in the sand to make it all go away) Have that “the faster I g...
When the real estate market heats up, some folks seem to forget their scruples. Here in Nashville, the housing inventory is TIGHT . . . That is, there are more Buyers than houses to buy in most all areas of our market. While this bodes well for anyone contemplating selling a house, the real chall...
I hope you had a great Easter Weekend! I'm back from a self-imposed 3 week sabbatical from blogging because life came at me fast, and something had to give . . .   Ah well!   I'm BACK!     For most folks, NOW is the time for some serious moving and shaking in the world of residential real estate ...
Good Monday Morning!What’s your definition of SUCCESS? If you don’t know, how will you know when you get there? The motivational gurus all say that we can ALL enjoy success as long as we do all the right things. Of course, that’s easier said than done . . . even for them. This question came up in...
“Everything is always moving . . . ” slipped out of Ralph Copleman’s mouth. The group of @ 65 people were seated in a large circle contemplating the 3 full days of mind-blowing synchronization of ideas and fellowship and learning and celebrating and dancing and singing, and the feeling of the mom...
Every house we sell is special in its own right!  . . . and then along comes one of those houses that, for years, people have driven or walked by wishing it would come on the market. “If only THAT house were for sale NOW, I’d buy it in a HEARTBEAT!” . . . or: “At a minimum, I’d LOVE to see INSIDE...
Please meet Charlie! We named it a non-specific Gender name because, well, earthworms are androgynous (neither and both male and female) and they more than compensate for that confusion by having 5 hearts. I first met Charlie while showing a fabulously renovated house with a picturesque barn on a...
Are you running away from danger or towards safety? Are you avoiding the wrong people or seeking the right people? If you’re running away from a hungry tiger, you’ve only gotta be faster than your slowest companion. This is a very important choice. Do you choose to be fear driven or do you drive ...
My love letter to all Home Owners: 80% of us have too much STUFF! We don’t necessarily know that we have too much stuff because we are masters at squirreling it away in every creative nook and cranny we can find in our abodes. When we run out of nook and cranny space, we begin tolerating more stu...

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