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Tips and commentary For Home Buyers & Sellers and REALTORS with primary focus on LIVE - Work - Play - Life Rhythm - Life Performance Oriented thinking for regular folks



REALTORS make their living helping families and investors buy and sell “real property.” On the surface, most people think that REALTORS are “Sales people” who manage the process of finding the right house for a buyer . . . or the right buyer for the house . . . and then coordinate all of the deta...
This love story begins with Apollo! We brought Apollo into our lives Christmas of 2009. His temperament and love of all people is legendary. We’ve said that if he were any more mellow, POOF – He’d just fade away. We didn’t even know Apollo could bark until we had had him for 3 weeks . . . 1 WOOF ...
The internet has changed my note-taking habits. Well, in truth, it’s changed MANY of my habits – some good and some not so good but that’s a story for another time. Nowadays we can “google” just about anything we want and receive the instant gratification of plethora information. This has helped ...
MANY people truly think that setting goals is an exercise in futility. Well – I can only agree with them. If you don’t believe setting goals is worthwhile, you’re right . . . for YOU! What if you were to shift your perspective and entertain this notion of believing in Santa Clause (setting goals)...
The Buyer has made an offer, and we’re all excited about working out the details. The negotiation commences, and we Real Estate Sales Professionals do our best to advise and advocate for the best interests of our respective clients. Things might not go per the plan. Of course, we ALL want the neg...
Most folks like to feel like they have some level of control. We trust servers and salespeople to provide us a smooth process and deliver a quality product . . . one that WE choose and decide to purchase based on their advice and counsel. This rings true in all consumer experiences. When dining, ...
We ALL want YOUR attention NOW! That’s right . . . the entire Universe is co-conspiring to distract you from maintaining focus on the important things that you know you need to accomplish today. Not only do we want your attention, but we want OUR emergencies to become YOUR emergencies . . . We ha...
Good news! We see signs of life! For Christmas this year, I bought a “Live” tree with the intent to plant it in the yard in the Spring. She was a pretty little thing, but she didn’t like being inside . . . and the weather was too cold to put her outside, so I did my best to keep her alive.   This...
Do other people people have 24/7/365 access to you? If so, are you really ever alone? When you are with someone – anyone – Family, friend, work associate, customer/client, are you ever truly present with them? How long can you focus without interruption? Is there any such thing as a “full night o...
I made it to the office in record time this morning.Traffic was - well - non-existent, and my usual 45 minute commute was 18 minutes.Today is the Vernal Equinox . . . The official first day of Spring.I knew traffic would be light not because of the advent of Spring or the power of the vernal equi...

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