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My new “friend” on Facebook’s first communication was a direct message to me to sell me his widget. I’ve followed Michael Hyatt’s blog for years because he has many brilliant insights about business and productivity, but I “unsubscribed” yesterday because it seems every communication has become j...
The Davidson County Tax assessor sent out the assessments for 2017 last week. The average increase in assessment for all residential property increased @ 37% which means a 37% increase in taxes due. I have heard of some folks in the 60% range . . . YIKES! This is one of the costs of living in an ...
It happens to all of us once in a while. This morning – 3AM . . . one of my dogs decided that it was time for a walk. I obliged her because she is raising 10 puppies that she birthed 4 weeks ago. I was irritated, but we did what we had to do, and I went back to bed knowing the 5:00 wake-up alarm ...
It ain’t closed til it’s closed! Some might judge me as being a pessimistic naysayer . . . I’d rather be known as real and truthful. In the current Real Estate Market climate, the unexpected seems to happen more than its fair share of the time. The Buyer crafts a MAGNIFICENT offer with NO conting...
Monsoon in Nashville seems to have ended . . . for now. WOW! We have seen a LOT of rain in the past week, and all of the creeks, rivers, ponds, and lakes are VERY full. I’ve even heard some folks reminiscing the famous flood of 2010 and wondering if this might be a repeat. Having been an Army Com...
The text said: “STRONG Thuderstorms at 6:15 PM” 6:15 rolled past with beautiful, starry skies. The forecasters said there would be 1-3″ of snow during the morning commute, so schools closed and many people did not go to work. A few (and ONLY a few) snowflakes fell. Why do we make plans based on t...
Within 5 hours of listing your house, you have 17 offers to consider. Your first thought: “Did we price it high enough – should we have listed at a higher price? After all, the highest of the 17 offers is 15% OVER our listing price. Some of these offers include very passionately written “love let...
Even the top professionals occasionally goof while performing. It would be unfair for us to expect perfection always, yet many of us do. We (the critical audience) watch every movement and sound and pitch, and we analyze. Did she do that on purpose, or was it a goof? The best performers never mis...
It’s veritable swirling smorgasbord cacophony of possibilities coming at us every day. Yep . . . There are SO many things any and all of us can decide to adopt into our daily lives. In fact, The Home Depot teases you with invitations to do it yourself . . . and promises that having the right tool...
Today, I have stepped WAY beyond my comfort zone. I shot my first Facebook Live segment.Here it is: For a LONG time, I have been intending to do video because I know that it’s definitely THE most effective medium for getting a message “out there” most efficiently. After all, the audience gets mor...

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