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That upon which you focus . . . EXPANDS! What’s your batting average of creating the perfect mindset for making the things you worry about happen? We all do this to ourselves occasionally. Things aren’t going as planned – or we get up on the wrong side of the bed – or we’ve simply slid into a FUN...
This post is the 1,500th blog post I’ve written at . . . 1,500 posts was never a goal . . . It just happened! In fact in all these years of writing this blog, I’ve never paid attention to how many posts I’ve written . . . or how many people have read these posts. Truth is, I wr...
When under attack, the settlers circled their wagons for cover and protection. This provided for them a 360 degree defensive perimeter and the advantages of cover and concealment and fields of fire. When I was in the army learning battlefield strategy and maneuver, cover, concealment and fields o...
I think it’s time for a LYNCHING! Who’s with me? We’ll have a meeting and conspire to unite, build a case, and DESTROY this heathen. Yep! Get your guns and torches! Let’s get this witch hunt under way. If we’re loud and obnoxious enough, we might even get to be on TV. Seriously! That thing that h...
Beware! Following is a string of random thoughts from the Nashville Predators WIN last night. The stats the announcers thought were significant: Rinne (The Predator’s Goalie) had an AMAZING number of “saves” Sissons (Preds) had a Hat Trick (3 Goals) that most fans didn’t know about because the fi...
The Nashville Predators are making history on the ice . . . Even as 2 of their “best” players are not playing due to injuries, the team has rallied to win their way to a 3-2 advantage in their “Best of 7” contest with the Anaheim Ducks. The announcers of the game on Saturday were surprised and ma...
Dancers know this term “Light on your feet” What does it mean to be light on your feet? (Click the link for required reading from a Salsa Dancer’s blog) This is the state of being “grounded” such that you can “change your weight in an instant.” We are all dancers in this thing called life. Some o...
We all have different learning styles. The best teachers and Mentors understand and tailor their curriculum to (hopefully) “reach” every person in the room to capture their attention for long enough to retain new knowledge. We know this is much easier said than done. The most prominently known st...
When I call, a human doesn’t answer the phone . . . EVER! I fall into a vortex of phone menus. They gather all the information – my account number etc – and when when I finally get to a real person, I have to give all that info again. The website offers Chat for support . . . but there’s no respo...
IMHO “Coming Soon” is a flawed strategy. Of course, the advantage for the Seller might be that the PERFECT home Buyer shows up and buys the house with “acceptable terms.” This would negate the need for the unpleasant and inconvenient period of showing the house – Open Houses – Keeping it whistle ...

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