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Tips and commentary For Home Buyers & Sellers and REALTORS with primary focus on LIVE - Work - Play - Life Rhythm - Life Performance Oriented thinking for regular folks



Pretty much everyone hates nasty surprises! Yep! Bad news sucks! We all experience pain and suffering at the hands of Auto-Mechanics (I’m at Lincoln Ford of Franklin and just got the news I need new brake pads and tires), doctors, REALTORS, Dentists, and the worst part about all this is that surp...
Visualizing and achieving goals ain’t rocket science.   Here’s how:   “Be still.   Stop thinking.   Feel.   Visualize.   Take action.   Repeat.   Yours,    The Universe”   And it helps to surround yourself with images and sounds that take you “there” daily. My favorite sounds? That...
As an Entrepreneur, I wake up every morning a little bit scared. This is the nature of the beast. It’s what jolts me into action each day as I consider the never ending flow of possibilities emanating from the new ideas from days before. More about this in Today’s Drive Time Video. There’s a larg...
That’s a trick question . . . You perform every day whether you know it or not. Of course, you might call it something else: Work The Daily Grind Practice Doing your job working in your business Working on your business and so on . . . More on this in today’s Drive Time video It is through your d...
New business models are banking on “Full Service” REALTORS becoming functionally obsolete. Most Brokers and Full Service agents brush this aside as a probable “Flash in the pan”, but what if they’re wrong? Heck! Wall Street is either nuts or BRILLIANT.How could this be? REALLY? Redfin is worth $2...
“too powerful to be defeated or overcome.” When your vision is so crystal clear you think of it as being imminent, you are invincible. There are no obstacles . . . only speed bumps . . . annoying but sometimes good because they force us to pace ourselves. Thinking in terms of imminence is a game ...
My Daddy can beat up YOUR Daddy! Sometimes we regress back to sandbox mentality. THAT kid threw SAND in my face, so I’m going teach HIM a lesson. Let the escalation commence as we do our best to one-up anything and everything that “bully” throws at us. Sticks and stones . . . Hopefully someone in...
Talent is not enough! A superstar cannot perform at her best without a solid team in the trenches WITH her. I’ve seen many extreme athletes bedazzle the crowd with their super-human moves and finesse . . . while the team’s win-loss record is more LOSS than WIN! There’s this magical thing called “...
I think NOT! Motivation is either there or it’s NOT! We can cultivate it, enhance it, prod and poke it, but if it’s not there, you’re chasing your tail. So many sales people get this WRONG! How often do you answer a call from that pushy salesperson whose mission is to convince you that you DESPER...
What’s the MOJO factor in your office? When a new customer or employee walks through the door for the first time, what’s their perception? This is a real palpable thing, although it’s not easy to measure. Wouldn’t it be great if there were such a thing as a “MOJO Meter” with a big neon sign in th...

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