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Tips and commentary For Home Buyers & Sellers and REALTORS with primary focus on LIVE - Work - Play - Life Rhythm - Life Performance Oriented thinking for regular folks



Buying or selling a house ain’t rocket science. It’s a process that’s “mechanically duplicatable” over and over and over and over. We REALTORS know this and are able to develop models and systems to create efficiencies throughout every transaction . . . to smooth the edges and keep things smooth....
So often, it’s easier to see the dark side. It’s all around us . . . always. Facebook is an accelerator . . . It’s crowd-think writ larger than ever in History. We all have a choice! Do we join the herd and spew the rhetoric out to our “friends” and anyone else who might hear us? When others dare...
Why Now? Why here now? Why here now with these people? How does being here now with these people move you closer to realizing your goals and aspirations? What are you learning? Now that you’re here with these people, are you fully present? If you are not fully present, where would you rather be? ...
CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve had a FABULOUSLY productive year so far. Don’t stop! End of next week is end of 3rd quarter which means the beginning of the final quarter of 2017 . . . and WINTER. We all have plethora “Justifiable Reasons” for not cranking up “too much” business before we enter the Holid...
Have you ever wondered what percentage of a Plumber’s business comes from DIY projects gone bad? My guess is a LOT! Of course by the time you cry “Uncle” and call the plumber, you will have created quite a mess which the plumber will first have to undo before he puts it all back together. The bil...
The goal is to get off the ground before you run out of runway! Simple as pie. In any new venture or project or career or relationship, there’s an innate level of excitement and energy. The folks who succeed are the ones who bridle and focus all that good mojo and bring it to bear on a successful...
Everything is always moving! Every day, it seems that everything that is moving (which is EVERYTHING) is moving FASTER. Just when we think we’ve “got it” we discover we don’t . . . It was illusory . . . a mirage. All this motion overwhelms most people. That bulk (80%) of the people who crave stab...
Through the years, I have seen many multifaceted captions conjured up by savvy REALTOR marketers . . . all with the intent to catch the eyes of THAT Buyer. In truth, we don’t need more than one right Buyer for any house we market. We only need the one  who loves the house and is ready, willing, a...

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