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Tomorrow is HALLOWEEN! That means that we have 2 months to “finish” 2017. For some folks, finishing a year is all about the passage of time. The ball drops, and we enter the new year with a “good riddance” nod to the outgoing year. January 2, it’s “back to work” at more of the same as the year be...
With great anticipation, you “play the game.” You know that the fruits of your labor will be oh-so-delicious. I know it’s been a long and sometimes difficult journey and you can clearly see where you are going because you have crafted your own version of your future carefully. For sure, there hav...
Saturday, I spent the entire day manicuring Owen Hollow. At the end of the day – with great satisfaction – I looked at the results of my hard work. Before I started working that morning, this entire property was covered with a blanket of fallen leaves and tree limbs. I gathered all of the “debris...
TGIF! I had the good fortune of receiving 2 messages filled with gratitude and abundance. First – Posted by my friend Ben Jordan (Who may have posted from one of his friends) “Showing support for one another, I’m looking for SIX of my friends to post this message (not share) to show you are alway...
Best Cities for Telecommuting – Austin TX is #1 Is this good news for the people of Austin? Bragging rights for having the highest percentage of their workers working from home? Having been an “Independent Contractor” and Entrepreneur for the past 25 years, I can candidly say that I have ALWAYS h...
Since it was possible to write blog posts on the internet, I have done so. Yep! There are literally thousands of “Barry Owen blog posts” out there in the ether on several different websites for the world to see/discover for as long as the internet lives. These are all out there for you (or anyone...
Do you show up when you say you will? If you don’t, what do you say to the person whose time you wasted? When you know that you’re not going to show up on time (or at all), do you call the person or people you are to meet and tell the truth or do you blame it on someone else or on “circumstances ...
When an ice storm hits Nashville, everyone in town understands the importance of traction. Without it, you’re gonna slip and land on your butt (or worse) . . . Your car will not change directions when you turn the steering wheel (If it moves at all), and very little productivity happens because l...
How difficult can this be? Seriously! Do we need to add complexity? Is it a human requirement? If it’s not complicated, is it less worthy? Ah yes . . . I see now . . . Really intelligent people conflagrate simple things so as to be able to swoop in and earn their “HERO” badges by helping others m...
The initial listing price sets the stage. a la Garry Wise THIS is one of the largest issues in real estate markets in transition. Of course, ALL real estate markets are ALWAYS in transition, so the target is in perpetual motion. Not only are all markets always in transition, but sub-markets withi...

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