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Defensive drivers mitigate traffic collisions and save lives. Truly, a masterful defensive driver does myriad good deeds during even the best of road conditions. Hitting the brakes when the car beside drifts into the lane while checking that text message that just popped in . . . making room for ...
January 1 has magnanimous potential to be stupendously wonderful. exciting, and a bit scary. or not . . . It’s up to you to decide. Will you wake up with a hangover from overindulgence climbing out of that stupor dreading the reality that you’re going to have to return to the “daily grind” that y...
You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there. Yogi Berra. In October, I began talking about the importance of making a plan for the coming year. Why so early? I know that when October rolls around, 3/4 of the year has passed, and we all know...
I didn’t post a single message on facebook on Christmas day. I did not conscious choose not to post any messages . . . it just didn’t happen. Well . . . Christmas happened . . . but posting on facebook didn’t. In fact, I didn’t even take any pictures or video on Christmas day either. How is this ...
Of course! Pull up a chair! Christmas day isn’t full of family enjoying good company and bountiful food and beverage for everyone. I remember this from my college days and my days in the Army. Invariably, I would know of a few students/soldiers who didn’t have a “Home” to go to during the Holiday...
Tis the season to be overwhelmed (maybe)! Can you think of at least 20 things you “need” to get done before Christmas morning? How will you get it all done? One thing is certain, you WILL get everything done that is important to you . . . which indubitably means that some of those 20 things won’t...
When I saw a Porsche for the 1st time (age 5), I added it to my Christmas list. Red Carrera. This is the 2018 edition . . . Beautiful, isn’t it? That was 50 years ago! Each and every year since then, the first item on my Christmas list has been “Red Porsche Carrera” Some years, it was the only th...
I believe that most folks yearn to excel personally and professionally. After all, who wakes up every day with enthusiasm for a full day of hard work that has minimal recognizably positive results? Doesn’t much of the value we bring to our clients and customers derive from our ever improving abil...
If you don’t exercise it, it’ll fall apart. This rings true for just about anything: Vacant houses develop leaks, mold, cracks and lose value faster than their less neglected and loved neighbors. Brains lose thinking power if not stimulated/exercised with new ideas and possibilities through educa...
Everything is moving . . . always! We’re not in a static world. It’s all fluid motion. When we expect to be surprised, we deal with change and transformation better. As much as we might struggle to keep things just as they are, we learn (over and over again) that we do NOT have control. The probl...

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