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Tips and commentary For Home Buyers & Sellers and REALTORS with primary focus on LIVE - Work - Play - Life Rhythm - Life Performance Oriented thinking for regular folks



Freedom Shock is unbridled passion! These things – obstacles – shackles – chains – overbearing people – stupid rules . . . They hinder our creativity. They’re holding us back. Sometimes, they’re self imposed limiting beliefs or believed boundaries. We’ve been told this cannot be done – It’s impos...
For many folks, May is about that time of year when folks start realizing they’ve fallen off the wagon of diligently pursuing their goals for the year.We don’t do this intentionally. It happens naturally as we gravitate towards that comfort zone where life is a bit less dynamic. It’s nice to be “...
As Principal Broker of Pareto Realty, I am quintessentially available to the most importance people in my Real Estate Business world – The Vital Few REALTORS of Pareto Realty. Every day, I have many opportunities (I get to do this – not “I HAVE to do this”) to help Agents work through myriad tran...
The best professionals have a process for everything they do. Airline pilots, re-fuelers, mechanics, and flight attendants diligently and precisely follow the same pre-flight checklist prior to EVERY flight. We all depend on them doing this thoroughly because the stakes are very high. If they get...
I did it anyway! My morning routine is a non-negotiable. It MUST be this way because I know that, on those days I fail to do it ALL, finding FLOW for the remainder of the day will be a futile pursuit. The cost of cheating is immeasurable in terms of lost opportunity, self-degradation, and the DAN...
The Best Leaders – Always Present and InvisibleYesterday, the leadership of Greater Nashville REALTORS orchestrated a fantastic day of learning and colleagueship (fellowship) for our members. Traditionally, this association has been on a rhythm of quarterly “Membership Luncheons” at Nashville Mus...
We all have a bajillion new concepts and ideas popping into out field of experience daily. Just think of all of the information that hits us in any given day. We’re surrounded by prolific digital information via Google, Facebook, Email, Videos, Podcasts . . . not to mention the never ending intru...
Having a map may not get you there! Not having a map might get you there. When you leave here, do you know where you want to go? So . . . You know where you want to go . . . Do you know how to get there? If not, we have lots of ways to help us navigate from here to there: Maps can be handy, but t...
I sure get a LOT done on those days most other people are taking the day off. My plan for the week was to stay focused with my normal FLOW Monday-Thursday . . . and clean up of my accumulated messes today – Good Friday! Such a fabulous plan that was. Knowing this would be 4 days instead 5 for FLO...
When we are wrestling with important decisions, we seek clarity. Should I stay or should I go? Should I buy this? Is this “worth it”? (Time – Energy – Money) What’s the “Opportunity Cost” of opting for this instead of that? Is my judgement clouded by FOMO? (Fear of missing out) Who else cares abo...

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