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“They” have super-human powers. Yep! “they” can brainwash just about anybody into believing that doing this thing is dangerous, foolish, and a HUGE waste of time, energy, and money. Of course, “they” have tried EVERYTHING and NONE of it worked for “them”, so how could it possibly work for us? “Th...
Isn’t it mind blowing how HUGE everything is? There are SO many people . . . and each one is unique. Other than food, shelter, love, and safety, we all have many similar needs and wants. We want to belong – to be a part of a community – and to be a contributor. We strive to be worthy . . . to mak...
Imagine a world in which the CEO prioritizes people over profits. How could this be? After all, CEO’s of Corporations are responsible for financial RESULTS. Why would any Board of directors allow the CEO to go rogue by valuing people over profits? This behavior is risky, irresponsible, and even s...
This reason is also true for any Home Buyer who is Frustrated with the process. Buying or selling a house is a HUGE endeavor. It’s an important and complex process that requires the participation of a wide diversity of people (as many as 40+ People in a single transaction), prominent potential fo...
The #OwenHollow Spring Cookout happened on Saturday May 18, 2019 . . .or did it? There was no “no picture taking” rule in effect. I was the host, and my only “Directives” were Directions to the Hollow (Because GPS won’t take you there), the price of admission was simply: “Bring Goodwill, yourself...
This morning, Bob sent me an email with a link to an article in the Nashville Business Journal. They had asked 17 Architect Firms: “What is a unique architectural feature of your office and what do you hope it conveys to your clients?” Bob’s message: “The article below featuring architects talkin...
When we’re feeling down-trodden and out of sorts, we often find rejuvenating energy from the most unexpected sources. Of course we’re surprised because we are not expecting help. We are proud and strong and even “invincible” . . . so we weather the storm and do our best to keep our chins up and m...
Clearly, the digital world has damaged many peoples’ ability to engage in useful dialog. This morning, I came to the conclusion that 80% of the comments in any given thread are not “dialog” . . . they are a collage of ego driven monologues. (on my 3rd reading of this comment, I almost deleted it ...
We all have more than our fair shares of invitations to meetings.Some meetings are more “relevant and important” than others. Before committing to attend, most folks want to know WIIFM (What’s in it for me?). At a minimum, We want to know the topic/theme . . . even better if we can know who else ...
Collaborate – Change – Create – Cause – Commiserate – Camaraderie – Champion – Compensation – Care – Core – Closure – Complete – Compete – Contact – Cacophony – Calm – Can – candor – capable – Cantankerous – Capitulate – Capricious – Captivating – career – carefree – careful – carry – cash – cata...

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