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Even from otherwise seemingly pleasant and even-keeled people, there’s seldom a shortage of naysayers. Much of my life is driven by “ideation”. New and interesting (to me) ideas flow through my overly active brain throughout every waking moment and likely also the unawake moments. My way is to un...
Who’s to blame? We seem to be in a world of judgement and casting blame. Every day, we encounter circumstances failing to happen according to our well-intentioned plans. Critics salivate at the first whiff of disarray, and they POUNCE! Who will take responsibility for this train wreck? I believe ...
and there’s always a but . . . These days, it’s easy to brag on Nashville. For sure, there are myriad impressive things we hear daily about Nashville’s propulsion to the top. There are just as many things we don’t hear about Nashville’s race to the bottom. Our newly elected John Cooper seems to h...
I rarely feature homes for sale on my blogsite because . . .– well – it’s primarily a site for “musings”, but THIS house is exceptionally well designed for the most discriminating buyer, so I couldn’t resist. 716 Split Rail Drive $989,000REALTOR Heidi Jordan with Pareto Realty has just offered (l...
I am a certifiable invitaholic! Every day, I invite folks to engage . . . with me and others. My why boils down to indefatigable curiosity. This is a life-long pursuit to learn and experience things that are new to me. Each of us has a circle of family, friends, work associates, acquaintances AKA...
The 1 Star Review Reality CheckThis morning, I posted this message on Facebook: “Thinking about taking my F150 to a West Nashville Mechanic for service and repairs rather than driving to Franklin dealership . . . any recommendations? I was considering Terry’s but am a little concerned about some ...
Yesterday, I facilitated a meeting with the theme “All Things Digital” This meeting is the bi-monthly rendition called “Small Broker Roundtable” at Greater Nashville REALTORS. The mission is to provide a safe place for Principal Brokers/Owners with 50 or fewer Affiliate agent members to gather, c...
What are your favorite Digital Tools? Every time I think I’ve found the BEST Tech Tools, someone tells me about others. For sure, we could all make a full time pursuit of staying on the bleeding edge of technology. Of course, as with all things, there is a line of demarcation over which the benef...
Every day, each and every person on this planet encounters myriad issues and opportunities as we tumble through this thing called life. Even those with the most steadfast commitment to moving forward on a well defined path can easily “lose their way” (or momentum) when confronted with distraction...
Exuberance is contagious! Exciting stuff (and people) are fun! Fun is infectious . . . attractive and even beautiful. We want to be all that, and we crave hanging out with with people who are lovers of life. Where do we sign up for this exclusive club? This part is the most difficult yet easiest ...

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