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Monday Morning Coffee – Let’s GO!Wednesday of this week is the first day of 2020! I’m not sure why, but I sense a universal perspective of “positivity” for this year. Of course, there will be plenty “issues and opportunities” for all of us to reckon with throughout the year, yet I don’t sense the...
12/26/2019 and all’s quiet here in Pareto Realty HQ Should we be worried? Where’s the buzz? Will this holiday lull slow or break that great momentum we had heading for a STRONG finish for 2019? Nah! Chill! Relax and enjoy the peace and quiet while we’ve got it. If you feel the need (like I), to o...
My Father’s fascination with Professional Basketball I’ll never forget Dad’s excitement when he witnessed Michael Jordan lead his team seemingly effortlessly and without duress or mishap through so many games . . . Dad’s excitement was REAL because this (state of flow) is SUCH a rare happening. I...
Christmas Eve Eve, and here I am in the office doing what I do pretty much every “working day.” As I was rolling down the driveway this morning, so was my (ONLY) neighbor Randy in his mule. I like Randy, and we seldom cross paths close enough to talk, so when we do, we seize the moment and catch ...
Making your case “Conventional wisdom: Find a large group of people. Explain why you’re better. Prove that you are the right answer. Done. How it actually works: Earn attention from precisely the right people. Gain trust. Tell a story. Create tension. Relieve the tension by gaining commitment. De...
Cell phone service and internet/TV carriers are famous for rewarding NEW customers more than existing customers. These are the companies which have bought into the race to the bottom with SCALE and VOLUME focus. For these companies, every day is a new day to conceive and offer an unending array o...
The statistics are unfathomable . . . So I’m not going to tackle reporting those in detail. Instead, let’s talk about things from a more holistic approach. What kind of market is this? (STRONG) Where are the HOT spots? (EVERYWHERE in Middle TN) When will things turn – cool down? (NOT in the fores...
A step – In the wrong direction“One small step for (a) man – One giant leap for Mankind” When a business focuses on improving “convenience” in the purchasing process, who benefits? Under the guise of “Convenience”, I believe many companies are missing the point. The more I think about all of the ...
How many shots attempted result in a puck finding the back of the net? For the 2018-19 season, the Nashville Predators had 2678 Shots on goal. They scored 236 goals . . . 8.8% success. I’ve watched a lot of Hockey this year, and have been fascinated by the seemingly zero correlation between shots...
We all get into “FUNKS” occasionally! Think back to your most recent funk and think about how that affected you. Your mind awash with doom and gloom and negative self talk. Words like “Can’t” and “foolish” and “Stupid” and “I know better than to have done this” “What have I gotten myself into?” T...

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