barrysmusings: Counting impossibilities - 09/26/19 07:12 AM
Even from otherwise seemingly pleasant and even-keeled people, there’s seldom a shortage of naysayers. Much of my life is driven by “ideation”.
New and interesting (to me) ideas flow through my overly active brain throughout every waking moment and likely also the unawake moments.
My way is to unashamably “throw these ideas against the wall (post to the bulletin board) to see if they’ll stick” and invite other people to join me in whatever pursuit might ensue.
With much practice and myriad experiences, the one thing I’ve learned multiple (most) times is for me not to be attached to outcomes.
When … (9 comments)

barrysmusings: A digital Infusion for RE Professionals - 09/17/19 07:03 AM
Yesterday, I facilitated a meeting with the theme “All Things Digital” This meeting is the bi-monthly rendition called “Small Broker Roundtable” at Greater Nashville REALTORS. The mission is to provide a safe place for Principal Brokers/Owners with 50 or fewer Affiliate agent members to gather, connect, and explore issues and opportunities we are facing in our market.
I decided to have some fun and lean towards the “Firehose to the mouth” tactic with full intent to overwhelm even the most tech savvy Real Estate Professionals.
So . . . I hit the internet and found over 140 “useful” websites and/or apps.
We … (2 comments)

barrysmusings: Easy Enrollment – Complex Cancellation - 09/09/19 07:30 AM
When you’re opting in or enrolling in a new subscription, convenience is amazing. On-line enrollment is FAST and EASY and EXCITING!
One click from the front facing sales page is the Credit Card entry portal.
A few more “selection” clicks, and you’re DONE!
Later . . . When you don’t need the service anymore, most companies seem to go the route of making it nearly impossible to cancel. In fact, many companies make it impressively inconvenient to complete a disconnect order.
Today, I decided to cancel my membership to the Middle TN YMCA because I have been getting my exercise differently (Hiking and … (6 comments)

barrysmusings: The Perfection Trap - 09/05/19 08:21 AM
The Perfection TrapEvery morning, I do a Facebook Live broadcast while driving to the office. This is “raw” (unedited) stream of consciousness thinking spilling out of my (not quite fully awake) brain.
Some days are better than others.
Here’s a link to Http:// where you will see 378 videos . . . The quality of content and production ranges from ridiculously poor to “game changing” brilliance, and NONE of these videos come anywhere near what anyone might consider to be . . . “Perfection”
I’ve learned not to get caught up in the minutia of “doing it with perfection” because my goal is … (1 comments)

barrysmusings: The Benefits of being TOO BUSY - 08/28/19 06:29 AM
The benefits of being “TOO BUSY”  You get to be choosy!
When you’re “TOO BUSY”, it’s much easier to say “No!” to “Got a minute?”s.
Suddenly the IMPORTANT things become more clear.
Focus shifts from “doing what’s on the list” towards the things we “get” to do because they matter (more).
You can unapologetically and confidently set appointments instead flying by the seat of your pants.
When you’re TOO BUSY and you know it, you must pause for a moment upon completion of every “thing to do” just for a minute or 2 to shift mindset to the next important thing.

barrysmusings: Who is this about? - 08/27/19 06:39 AM
Who is this about?I took a deep breath (and a walk around the office) before sitting down to write this. I am a member of MANY on-line forums . . . and “real in-person” gatherings.
All of them have clearly defined themes which serve a variety of populations.
The ones relevant to me are about Open Space Technology, Real estate sales and Brokerage, Entrepreneurs launching and building businesses, myriad others relating to “Quality of life” (Motivational) , and ancillary businesses and/or web tools to support these main pursuits.
Over the years, I’ve noticed many of these forums morphing from being about … (4 comments)

barrysmusings: Ask me anything – I know Everything - 08/22/19 09:15 AM
The first time I brought a friend to visit my Father, the first words out of Dad’s mouth were:“Ask me anything – I know EVERYTHING.” Everyone in the family rolled eyeballs and left the scene, so my friend could receive the full “treatment”.
Of course, Dad was right . . . He’s always right!
Dad’s not a narcissistic egomaniac . . . In fact, he is a wonderful man with a HUGE heart who happens to know everything of importance to him.
I haven’t known my Father for my entire life. He and my Mother divorced when I was @ 4 … (7 comments)

barrysmusings: My Calendar is mostly blue - 08/20/19 07:19 AM
This is an unapologetic plug for the power of “Time Blocking” Above is my calendar for next week.

For years, I resisted the siren call of the practice of Time Blocking.
After all, I was pretty much born an entrepreneur which (by definition) translates to being “FREE” to do as I please and ever imagining new and different (out of the box) ways things can be done.
While that’s been fun through the years, there’s one very important piece that seldom happened . . . I rarely FINISHED what I started, because there were so many bright, shiny objects (squirrels) popping … (9 comments)

barrysmusings: Don’t be small - 08/19/19 06:46 AM
Don’t be smallAs I was doing my normal Monday “spool-up”, I was overwhelmed. I literally had a moment of panic when I looked at this daunting list of large projects I’m tackling simultaneously.
How can I possibly get all of this done?
Then I remembered that “We are all meant to shine”
My panic quickly subsided when I realized how fortunate I am to be practicing my version of shining in spite of the FEAR I sometimes feel that I might not succeed.
Worse yet . . . a fear of actually succeeding.
Everyone’s definition of “Shining” is different.
Today, I hereby … (11 comments)

barrysmusings: You Cannot Not Be Who You Are - 08/15/19 07:21 AM
I see far too many people choosing this path of most resistance. These folks age MUCH faster than those who opt for the path least resistance.
Not being who you are is exhausting.
As is true with all lies, whether they be “innocent little white lies” or “persona/lifestyle lies”, the most difficult of living this dual existence is keeping up with (remembering) all of the necessary accumulated little lies an inauthentic person must disseminate over time.
Why some people choose this path is not too difficult to fathom. When public and personal personas are not in alignment, we can feign status … (4 comments)

barrysmusings: When it is to be - 08/13/19 07:13 AM
Pay attention to your surroundings. Be aware of subtle shifts and recurring happenings.
Be curious when new and different ideas surface.
Be a great “defensive driver” always honing your peripheral vision.
Notice new patterns and themes showing up in your life experience.
Often, the best opportunities are lurking in the shadows waiting to be discovered.
How much potential do we squander as we plow through our tunnel vision regimens and carefully crafted plans?
Listen for the meaning behind the message.
Always carry a pen and a note pad just in case one of these game changing ideas emerges from the noise … (6 comments)

barrysmusings: Just making it up as we go - 08/01/19 08:45 AM
No matter how dialed in our systems and processes are, we’re still fluid. This is not a choice because everything is always moving.
We’ve gotta let go of rigidity and accept the value of being light on our feet – Flexible – nimble – adaptable – adoptable – and less attached to preconceived outcomes.
I know this is difficult because you’re a control freak, and it drives you CRAZY when things don’t go as planned.
The truth is that what really causes you to go CRAZY is your fault . . . You’re putting too much stock in your expectations.
You … (2 comments)

barrysmusings: What is worth? - 07/31/19 07:29 AM
WORTH: the value of something measured by . . . its qualities or by the esteem in which it is held – a literary heritage of great worth –  moral or personal value MERIT, EXCELLENCE What is YOUR worth?
What is your worth to others?
What is the worth of others to you?
Is considering the meaning of “worth” a worthy pursuit?
If you were to live your life with a dedication to increase all facets of worth, how might that affect your health and happiness?
Monday morning I woke up in a funk . . . I wasn’t feeling worthwhile.
In fact, I even … (2 comments)

barrysmusings: I am right – you are wrong - 07/23/19 06:36 AM
Here we are in the sandbox in preschool. We’re learning from each other how to negotiate.
I’m shoveling some sand, and accidentally toss a load on my friend Sally’s head.
Of course, Sally is initially surprised . . .
Time freezes . . .
She’s processing what just happened, and there are so many things running through her mind.
She is not injured, but she is covered with sand.
She wonders if I did that on purpose.
Earlier this morning, Sally had awakened up on the wrong side of the bed. She was cranky, so she took this opportunity to blow … (6 comments)

barrysmusings: A Maintenance Week - 07/22/19 07:34 AM
How long has it been since you had a Maintenance week? Do you know what that is?
We know that we must properly maintain our automobiles, home air conditioning systems, our teeth, and pretty much everything we own.
If we fail to maintain our “tools” that make our lives easier, they will ultimately become less reliable.
We must take whatever time necessary to “sharpen our saws” such that they perform well when needed.
With respect to our “jobs”, how attuned are we to maintaining our own self/human assets?
How long can you function at a high level when you’re in a … (8 comments)

barrysmusings: Take your medicine! - 07/19/19 07:05 AM
Thor didn’t want to take his medicine this morning! All of the other dogs LOVE the Bravecto Chews they all get every 3 months, but not Thor! Bravecto is an awesome Tick and Flea medicine that makes the dogs toxic to those pests . . . A necessity if you’re gonne be a cannine in #OwenHollow because without, the dog becomes mass transaportation from outdoors to indoors for these critters.
I haven’t tasted the chew – Looks like chocolate. This morning, I diced it and mixed it with bacon fat microwaved for 15 seconds to liquify it, and . . . … (3 comments)

barrysmusings: The power of Curiosity - 07/18/19 06:24 AM
We learn by asking: “Why?” We learned this as children beginning as soon as we had the capacity to communicate.
For the first several years of our lives, we questioned darn near everything.
As we “matured”, our curiosity waned, and our questioning of: “Why?” started happening less.
Was it that we were getting “full”, and there wasn’t room in our brains for more information? Maybe it’s true that we humans only use 10% our brains, so we run out of space up there at an early age.
Here’s an article that busts that myth – Do People Only Use 10 Percent … (3 comments)

barrysmusings: Drip – Drip – Drip - 07/17/19 07:53 AM
Consistent and persistent contact pays huge dividends IF the messages are relevant and deliver value. My ActiveRain Blog page Lifetime Stats: 2564 Blog Posts – 3,311,821 Views – 450 Followers
WOW! That’s a LOT of “content”, and it didn’t get there over night. I add a post (almost) every working day. has 350 short (6-16 minute) videos – Yep! I add one every day as I do my morning commute.
My primary Blogsite, is where I write almost everything I publish . . . and I republish most of that content on Facebook and Linkedin . . . Over time, this daily rhythm accumulates to be a veritable … (2 comments)

barrysmusings: Why are you here? - 07/16/19 06:09 AM
The invitation popped into my in-box, and the topic piqued my curiosity. I checked my calendar and confirmed that the day and time was doable, and I registered to attend.
At that moment of my choosing to register, the topic resonated with me.
As the event neared, I received a reminder email and was starting to have some reservations.
Who else will be there?
I’ve never heard of this presenter . . . Will attending this be worth the time and inconvenience invested?
I’m feeling less resonant with the topic . . . It’s been a tumuluous couple of weeks, and … (3 comments)

barrysmusings: You learned how to do this at a VERY early age. - 07/15/19 07:18 AM
Your parents set clearly defined boundaries, and you immediately began “testing” those boundaries. At first, your parents might not have noticed your sly rule breaking, and when they did notice, their reaction potentially set a precedent that would stay with you for your entire life.
If they laughed and said it was was cute, “but don’t do that again!” . . .
Perhaps they put you in time out – or spanked you – or took away privileges.
“You’ve just lost your ice cream treat this afternoon!”
Whatever the consequences, you likely tested again.
Was the result the same . . … (3 comments)

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