focus: Bunny trails - 04/12/19 07:35 AM
We humans have a lot of puppy within us. I walk my 4 dogs 3 times every day. My mission is to get all of us outside for a little exercise and for each of the dogs to “do the business” (pee & poop).
We have a great routine, but it’s not always smooth and easy.
2 of these canines are 2 year old puppies.
Tony & ThorThey are ALL in constant motion for the duration of every walk.
So many interesting to things to smell . . . an abundance of Spring toads (which they pick up and then foam … (3 comments)

focus: Focus Options Models Systems and Accountability - 07/31/17 07:56 AM
Everything is moving . . . ALWAYS! In My Facebook Live “Drive Time” broadcast this morning

I talked about this . . .
In everything you do, are you always on a personal quest to do it better, faster, more efficiently, more effectively than before?
I’ll BOLDLY state the you had better be of this mindset in today’s world, or you’ll find yourself wandering around in the murk of the dust left by your competitors . . . or the market shifts . . . or socio-economic swings . . . or international bickering . . . or Natural disasters.

focus: One sure-fire way to fail in Real Estate Sales is . . . - 04/17/14 05:34 AM
Lack of FOCUS! Many folks can likely stop reading this post after seeing those 3 words (Lack of FOCUS).
They’ll nod their heads and cringe as they acknowledge they’re “Guilty as charged.”
Others will practice resolute denial and might even say out loud:
“Oh! THIS one doesn’t apply to ME!”
Here’s a brief test:
Group A
Do you have more than ONE “Tab” open on your internet browser NOW? Is your Cell Phone within visual distance of you NOW? Is the volume of your cell phone turned up enough that you can hear the various chirps and noises it makes when … (2 comments)

focus: A sure-fire way to GUARANTEE that something you DON’T want to happen, DOES! - 01/09/14 04:28 AM
My daughter Allison was sitting in seat #1, and it was time to draw straws to find who she would draw as a partner on the next class project.
There was one student she did NOT want to be her partner (Let’s call him “Bob”).
She was to be the FIRST student to draw which means that she had the least likelihood of choosing Bob’s straw.
As she reached to pick her straw, she was repeating in her mind: “I do NOT want Bob! I do NOT want BOB!”
She closed her eyes and reached into the middle of the straws … (0 comments)

focus: Are YOU #1? - 12/06/13 06:01 AM
REALLY? My friend Joe Calloway (“performance coach and advisor who helps great companies get even better,” Business Author and Speaker) wrote a post a couple of days ago that continues to swirl in my head.
Check it out here:
A dangerous assumption you may be making. The wisdom Joe imparts is multidimensional, but I take away the importance of maintaining focus on the stuff that MATTERS most.
Without question, I believe that every single person on this planet has the capacity to succeed at a very high level in the “right” field of work and with the proper amount of FOCUS and intensity.

focus: Solving the “E to P” enigma to create HUGE Success! - 10/29/13 03:40 AM
“They” say it can’t be done! Taming a true Entrepreneur is an impossibility.
Michael Gerber tackled this issue head on with his E Myth Books, and myriad coaches, trainers, consultants, and business gurus have been noodling on it for as long as these free Spirited and completely irresponsible geniuses have been innovating . . . well . . . since probably the beginning of human-kind.
So . . . Is it possible to take a perfectly good Entrepreneur and instill some level of INTENTIONAL – PURPOSEFUL action into her?
How can we “repurpose” some of that random, creative energy and establish some … (0 comments)

focus: One Less thing to do . . . - 10/15/13 01:54 AM
My Father Harrison Owen hit THIS nail on the head! I pilfered the following gems from a post he wrote yesterday on the Open Space TechnologyListserve:
“With increasing age and experience it has become clearer and clearer that the less I do the better things work.” “It is not that I have no agency or contribution, but it does turn out that the ambient wisdom and capacity of the individuals and groups that I am privileged to interact with so vastly exceeds my own that I would do very well to fold my hands and shut my mouth.” “Anything else has me working much … (1 comments)

focus: Creating URGENCY to BUY NOW! - 10/05/13 03:25 AM
Retailers take great pride in creating impulse purchase opportunities. There’s a complete science around show-room and store display designs.
Each retailer puts tremendous thought into where they place certain products and how they price all of their inventory.
“Loss leader pricing” dangles unbelievably bargain priced goods in near proximity to highly profitable items with the intent to lure the customer into the lair of “MORE and BETTER.”
Once the customer gets within range (inside the store and on the right aisle), the URGENCYfactor kicks in because there’s ALWAYS a “Limited time frame or limited inventory” available at that price.
If you wait, you’ll be … (0 comments)

focus: we’re all just juggling - 09/18/13 07:45 AM
Go ahead and admit that you’re a juggler! IN the literal sense, a juggler keeps more than one ball (or object) in the air at a time and gives the observer the illusion that he has some mystical multi-tasking ability.
the reality of this act act is that the juggler is only touching one ball at a time for a brief moment and then tossing it back into the air.
We all do this in a figurative sense . . . and the ones who do it best understand that this is NOT an act of multi-tasking. We’ve simply learned a … (2 comments)

focus: Birthday – Anniversary – New Year? - 09/13/13 06:24 AM
Whatever you call it, your annual celebration invites the most sacred introspection of your year. When you’re born, you have a Birth Certificate which is legal proof that you were born . . . and when.
Same goes for a Business (Firm License) or a Wedding (Marriage Certificate) . . .
On that date from the day of birth, each anniversary affords this wonderful opportunity to:
pause and reflect on the past appreciate and assess the present and imagine the future. These Annual celebrations are times for celebrating the successes and challenges of the prior year and reminiscing about all of … (0 comments)

focus: In the Spotlight? - 08/28/13 12:29 AM
I was just logging into ActiveRain this morning to write my daily post and noticed that I was "Spotlighted" . . .
If you've clicked through from that link and wandered onto my page, WELCOME!
I hope you'll find something useful here . . . and I hope you'll think of me and Pareto Realty when you think of Nashville and Middle TN.
Today, I'm thinking about:
STRIKING while the Iron is HOT!
Have you ever noticed that when you turn all of your focus on a particular Listing or Buyer Client things start happening?
After weeks of … (2 comments)

focus: Before you commit to that new project, just THINK! - 08/13/13 07:47 AM
This idea could be worth a MILLION BUCKS! How often do you think of a GREAT, NEW business idea that you KNOW will be a REAL WINNER in your market?
You see this gaping hole in the market and can vividly see a “fix” . . .
NO ONE else understands how to fix it, and EVERYONE shares the frustration of having to work over, under, or through, the obstacle course this gap presents . . . and YOU are the ONLY person who “GETS IT”
For sure – If you can implement your plan, you’ll make a million bucks.
Before you commit your … (1 comments)

focus: Stay ON your wire - Quit worrying - 07/01/13 01:01 PM
“Aerialist Nik Wallenda completed a tightrope walk that took him a quarter mile over the Little Colorado River Gorge in northeastern Arizona” I didn’t watch it live – On purpose – Because I didn’t want to see him fail.
If he were to fail, every one of the MILLIONS of people watching would witness a senseless death.
The Discovery Channel was boasting the best ratings EVER for their channel even as this brave man (or fool) traversed this 1500 foot chasm chanting prayers to God.
I DID watch as soon as I knew he completed his stroll across the wire.
I wanted to … (1 comments)

focus: The Power of Simple Math - 03/13/13 05:14 AM
  Do you remember your math classes while in school?
Each semester and each year built upon the accumulated knowledge learned, beginning – well – in kindergarten.
This accumulation opened the way for solving more complicated processes.
and so on . . .
As I witness my daughters (5th and 8th Grades) work through these higher and higher levels of computation, they will sometimes get “stuck” and ask my assistance . . . Usually with the “Word Problems.”
I seldom have to work any problem completely with them . . . I drop in from the outside and … (0 comments)

focus: If you focus on it . . . It’s gonna get BIGGER! - 02/13/13 05:07 AM
  This IS a true statement.
What you focus on EXPANDS!
It can work with ya or agin ya . . . 
Where your focus is can define or destroy your probability of success.
Most folks can find myriad “reasons” for their failure and might even be tempted to cast blame on outside forces (Like the economy).
My problem with this line of thinking is that the proof is in the pudding. If all of those outside forces are so inhibitive to your success in your field of work . . . why don’t they beat those other people in your industry … (1 comments)

focus: When you’re driving . . . DRIVE! - 12/04/12 04:33 AM
  Here in Nashville, TDOT (TN Department of transportation) has installed large message boards over the interstates to give motorists “Breaking News” WRT to traffic issues ahead.
When there’s no news to report, they flash the “Number of Highway Deaths in 2012″ along with the caution: “Don’t YOU be next – Drive safely!”
I drive a LOT as I work my art as a real estate sales professional and have watched those numbers climb every day . . . This morning, the number was 928 along with the message that the 2011 death total was 911 for the year.
My guess … (1 comments)

focus: A completely unstructured day - 11/30/12 02:50 AM
  Normally, I’m the king of planning and organization.
After all, most of the speaking and teaching I do centers around “Life Rhythm” and FOCUS on the things that MATTER.
Doing this requires a fair amount of work on prioritization throughout the day . . . knowing that as the day progresses, more and more distractions will show up.
So my “normal” day includes a very intentional protection of the the first half of the day to knock out the most important things before the distractions take over.
This strategy works quite well with respect to “moving the ball forward” and … (3 comments)

focus: Monday Morning Coffee – What matters? - 11/04/12 02:12 AM
  “What Matters?” evokes myriad answers and the possibility of very deep thoughts in a world in which we often find ourselves absorbed with more of the shallow stuff that doesn’t.
I believe it begins with: “where we want to go”
What’s your “theme” at this point in your life?
What is it for which you have sufficient passion to take responsibility by mobilizing yourself (and others) intoappropriate ACTION?
That’s what matters first . . .
and there are plenty of folks who will tell you that it’s not the destination that matters most – It’s theJOURNEY! I would agree that the Journey … (1 comments)

focus: The Faster I go the behinder I get #in - 07/01/12 12:22 AM
  “The Faster I go The Behinder I get” is a quote from Lewis Carroll . . . who’d a thought?
I’ve seen this quote on t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc . . . and have never seen a “proper credit” nod to the author . . .
Maybe that’s a self-fulfilling prophesy.
In our frenetic world of raplexity (Rapid Complexity), the social pressures to always go FASTER and do MORE in less time and increase VOLUME of sales and number of relationships . . . We MUST produce MORE to be “valid.”
All the appropriate tools are absolutely available and necessary – and there’s a veritable legion of technological … (3 comments)

focus: Knowing who you are is THE prerequisite . . . #in - 05/04/12 02:20 AM
Knowing who you are is THE prerequisite . . . MAY 4, 2012 BY BARRY OWEN LEAVE A COMMENT (EDIT) If you surf over to, you’ll find a VERY popular website authored by “Jeff Goins Writer.”
At first glance, you might assume that Jeff’s last name is “Writer” . . . because everywhere you see “Jeff Goins,” the word “Writer” follows.
Jeff Goins Writer KNOWS who he is (a Writer) and has unashamedly claimed that identity to the degree that it has become part of his everything. I found 3 Speaking Clips on his website which ‘splain this very articulately.
Each quarter, I offer a “Life Rhythm Way … (0 comments)

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