generosity: Let us do something exceptional today! - 11/18/19 06:53 AM
Let us do something exceptional today!How might the world improve over time if more people were to make these 6 words the first words spoken each day? This has nothing to do with achieving goals or winning whatever game we’re playing.
It’s all about being the best version of yourself and pledging to do whatever you can do to make this day count as being another day better than the one before.
You might be thinking something along the lines of:
“This is not realistic! After all, EVERYONE has a bad day once in a while.”
To which I’ll posit that … (12 comments)

generosity: Perpetual Motion is Impossible? - 03/25/19 07:49 AM
“Perpetual motion is motion of bodies that continues indefinitely. A perpetual motion machine is a hypothetical machine that can do work indefinitely without an energy source. This kind of machine is impossible, as it would violate the first or second law of thermodynamics. (wiki)” I beg to differ . . . When it comes to generosity, the source IS the means.
The results of Generosity are multi-faceted – Gratitude, graciousness, good will . . . and infinitely available.
What’s “impossible” is the ability to measure the impact of generous energy/acts.
That which we cannot measure, we humans often relegate to the archives as being “impossible” because … (13 comments)

generosity: Like a box of Chocolates - 03/10/17 06:54 AM
Forrest Gump NAILED it! The Month of March In Nashville Tennessee is also like a box of chocolates and is the epitome of:
In Like A Lion, Out Like a Lamb My Facebook post yesterday afternoon:
Well – It’s summer this afternoon, so I’m heading home to mow some grass – Tomorrow will be Fall, so I’ll finish cleaning my Basement – Saturday will be Winter, so we will have our Owen Hollow Cookout in the snow – I believe we’ll be back to Spring by Tuesday #schizophrenicTNWeather
Yep! In the span of 48 hours, we will experience ALL FOUR SEASONS>
This … (2 comments)

generosity: Monday Morning Coffee – The Little Way - 10/28/13 01:06 AM
Doing EVERYTHING out of LOVE! Heard in “Adult Religious Education” this Sunday during a very lively presentation about the History of a handful of Saints:
“The Little Way – Doing Everything out of LOVE!”
The rest of the presentation was very entertaining but paled in impact as I pondered the true power of The Little Way.
This was just minutes after the Oh-so-profound quote I had written in my pocket note pad from the Scripture reading:
“Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted.”
I think I have some facebook friends who might improve … (1 comments)

generosity: Don’t Sell me! SERVE Me! - 09/05/13 05:51 AM
Quit telling me what I want! Odds are good that if I’m in your field of vision, I’m already a prospect.
Your job is NOT to tell me what I “SHOULD” be buying from you.
Your job IS to spend some time with me and LEARN what I WANT and NEED to buy.
Get to know me.
Learn a bit about my family, my hobbies, my peeves, and what excites me.
Discover what’s important (what MATTERS) to me and help me find THAT.
How can you make my life easier?
Approach me in service.
Meet me where I am instead of requiring me … (2 comments)

generosity: Monday Morning Coffee – One Small Favor . . . Please? - 08/26/13 12:51 AM
Good Morning! Have you ever considered the “Ripple Effect” of one small favor?
Just an ounce of generosity can create a TON of good will.
This phenomenon defies all of the Laws of Physics.
How can one small gesture launch a chain of events that influence the lives of so many others?
This video offers a nice, feel-good representation.

I see it every day:
While driving – Go ahead and shift over a lane to let someone in While working – Take a minute to help out a colleague with a challenge At home – Pause what you’re doing to … (7 comments)

generosity: Doing it even though you know you don’t have to . . . - 07/24/13 10:54 AM
Even when it doesn’t fit your job description, will you do it? What if you’re in a situation in which someone else is lazy, or distracted, or just being an idiot and not pulling their weight?
Will you do it anyway?
Will you pick up their dropped balls?
Folks who say: “YES!” without hesitation understand their purpose.
We’re not here to “do our job.”
We are here to serve at the highest level, and sometimes that means doing things we know aren’t our responsibility.
In my world of Real Estate Brokerage, Sales, and Consulting, I know it’s never that black and … (0 comments)

generosity: A veritable GOLDMINE – FREE! #in - 04/28/12 07:56 AM
  Generosity abounds . . . Read to the bottom for some great FREE resources – DO IT TODAY 4/28 because one of these offers expires at the end of the day.
One very COOL thing the internet has done for us all is to give VERY generous (and smart/wise) people a platform to share some REALLY good stuff without charging.
I make every effort to write each blog post such that it makes IMPACT on the reader because I KNOW how overwhelming it all can be.
I feel this great burden of responsibility that if anyone is generous enough with … (3 comments)

generosity: How Generosity gets you more of what really MATTERS #in - 12/28/10 01:31 AM
Posted on December 28, 2010 by Barry Owen
Yesterday, I decided to start a book club to meet the 1st Thursday of every month @ 10 AM. I'm not sure why. It just seemed like a good thing to do
I decided the first meeting would be next week which doesn't give folks much time to find, buy, and read the first book, so I decided to keep it free and simple by making our first book be free and downloadable from the internet.
Wherever you are, you can participate in this book club by reading the books (I'll announce each … (1 comments)

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