goals: Birthday – Anniversary – New Year? - 09/13/13 06:24 AM
Whatever you call it, your annual celebration invites the most sacred introspection of your year. When you’re born, you have a Birth Certificate which is legal proof that you were born . . . and when.
Same goes for a Business (Firm License) or a Wedding (Marriage Certificate) . . .
On that date from the day of birth, each anniversary affords this wonderful opportunity to:
pause and reflect on the past appreciate and assess the present and imagine the future. These Annual celebrations are times for celebrating the successes and challenges of the prior year and reminiscing about all of … (0 comments)

goals: A Habit of 1 PDV a Day Can Change the World - 05/10/13 09:16 AM
When asked what they most would like to see on their own epitaph, most people respond with something along the lines of: “She made a Difference in the Lives of many.”
Yep! Most of us want to make a difference . . . We want to MATTER in this world.
We strive to live out our Life Purpose and to make the best of our short life on this planet.
As I heard Gary Keller say once: “Unless you have some kind of inside deal with God, you have NO idea how long you have in this world.
So . . … (3 comments)

goals: Monday Morning Coffee – Now! - 01/06/13 06:54 AM
  As I watch the whirlwind of political shenanigans we are all witnessing at all levels . . . and I witness the general public disdain for the way virtually ALL of our elected “Representatives” are behaving . . . I often wonder why more folks can’t just focus more on NOW.
In my microcosm of this big picture, this manifests in real estate sales transactions and negotiations. The issues my clients face aren’t much different than those the politicians face (Money, budget, Quality of life, Location, Safety, Education) . . . Home Buyers and Sellers care very passionately about these … (2 comments)

goals: Thinking about the holidays already? - 09/27/12 05:43 AM
  OK Mr. & Mrs. Seller, I know your house has been on the market for a couple of months now and you were hoping it would be SOLD by now, right? I received your email this morning saying that you would like to take your house off the market in mid-October because you don’t want to be moving during the Holidays.
Does this mean that if you don’t sell your house in the next 2 weeks, you are going to give up this very exciting move? Have your goals changed?
Oh! . . . So you still want to move, you just … (1 comments)

goals: Failure to Launch due to Failure to Communicate #in - 06/15/12 01:16 AM
  In most real estate transactions . . .
and most business transactions . . .
and most relationships (Biz AND Personal) . . .
Failure to LAUNCH (Succeed – Meet the goal or objective) happens because of:
It’s just plain SILLY.
There’s enough raplexity (Rapid Complexity) in our world already . . .
Failure to communicate is akin to throwing jet fuel on a raging fire with the hope that it’ll die down . . .
or being an ostrich (Sticking your head in the sand with the belief: “If you cannot see THEM, THEY … (2 comments)

goals: A veritable GOLDMINE – FREE! #in - 04/28/12 07:56 AM
  Generosity abounds . . . Read to the bottom for some great FREE resources – DO IT TODAY 4/28 because one of these offers expires at the end of the day.
One very COOL thing the internet has done for us all is to give VERY generous (and smart/wise) people a platform to share some REALLY good stuff without charging.
I make every effort to write each blog post such that it makes IMPACT on the reader because I KNOW how overwhelming it all can be.
I feel this great burden of responsibility that if anyone is generous enough with … (3 comments)

goals: Why “Discipline” might be JUST what you need to “Break through” to success #in - 03/27/12 11:53 PM
  If you read this to the bottom (no skipping ahead allowed), you’re going to learn one very mechanically simple (but potentially mentally complex) little way to BLOW THE DOORS off your ability to perform at a higher level than you can possibly imagine . . . and it all boils down to your understanding of one word:
Just utter the word “Discipline” and you’ll see myriad contortive reflex actions and facial expressions in virtually every person within earshot . . . The same happens with the word “Accountability.”
Most folks associate “Discipline” and “Accountability” with “PUNISHMENT” . . … (1 comments)

goals: Take care of YOURSELF first! #in - 02/23/12 11:29 PM
  Financial planners and consultants often say:
“Pay yourself FIRST!” . . . to encourage folks to set money aside in RESERVE before paying everyone else (the bills) . . . they know that if you don’t pay yourself first, you’ll likely get into a pattern in which you don’t EVER pay yourself.
There are many “Millionaires Next Door” who made their $Million simply by paying themselves first . . . and often, these folks don’t look (or live) like the stereotypical Millionaire . . . and they are HAPPY and relatively “Anxiety Free.”
I think these guys are onto something BIG … (4 comments)

goals: When I choose ________ today . . . #in - 02/15/12 02:11 AM
  My wife Debbie Guthery-Owen led a great session at yesterday’s Pareto Realty weekly pow-wow.
She incorporated some great short videos from guru Zig Ziglar who certainly has always had a knack for identifying simple, timeless BFO (Blinding Flashes of the Obvious) and creating short sayings that say it ALL.
“When I choose (to do this) today . . . I choose (This result) tomorrow!”
“When I choose to eat too much today, I choose to be overweight tomorrow!”
“When I choose to whine and fret today (instead of taking action), I choose to prolong my distress (Instead of moving forward).”
“When I … (0 comments)

goals: Monday Morning Coffee - Managing the Details - 12/26/11 01:45 AM
Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!
We’re only a few days from the arrival of a new year, and the anticipation is HUGE.
What’s 2012 got for us?
This is the day after Christmas, and we pulled out all the stops here at the Owen House.
We had our traditional “Christmas Eve Rib Feast” . . . Tracked Santa all day on NoradSanta.org . . . and enjoyed each other and all of the great folks who came to visit.

Christmas day was nothing short of wonderful beginning with sheer delight as the children discovered that they had, in fact, made Santa’s … (4 comments)

goals: What I want for Christmas 2011 . . . #in - 12/19/11 03:37 AM
  As of this writing, there are 5 1/2 shopping days left til Christmas 2011.
Just in case you haven’t bought a gift for me yet, I thought I would send you a wish list:
I want MORE:
Quality time with Family & Friends VACATIONS (Self explanatory) Fresh air Love Exercise Healthy food Happiness for EVERYONE Choices Creativity Innovation HAPPY CLIENTS – Home Buyers and Sellers Home Sales JOBS in USA “Right People” in my life People taking responsibility Respect for others Traditional chivalry Random Acts of Kindness Peace in the world I want LESS: Electronic noise Artificial – well – ANYTHING Judgement … (3 comments)

goals: Paying dues . . . #in - 12/15/11 06:48 AM
  So “They” say that you’ve gotta pay your dues before you can taste the fruit.
What IS paying dues?
Is it an unpleasant thing that we must do?
We must slog through nasty misery for a period of time before we can enjoy any level of success or enjoyment?
The world “Hazes” us to test our commitment and resolve?
If we make it through the hazing, then we can join the club?
Let’s look at this another way. I’ve never been a real fan of this “Gotta pay your dues” way of thinking . . . There’s this negative … (0 comments)

goals: A Difference between setting Goals and what it Takes to Achieve them #in - 12/08/11 11:02 PM
  How many years have you set VERY clear goals at the beginning of the year only to have the same year as before . . . over and over and over?
Kinda jades your opinion of Goal Setting after a few years, doesn’t it?
Defines “Insanity” – Doing the same things every year with the same people expecting different results.
There’s a simple fix, and it’s NOT to stop setting goals.
After all, we DO need something clear to keep us driving ourselves FORWARD.
How can you move FORWARD if you don’t know where you are going and WHEN you … (5 comments)

goals: How to end 2011 with a BANG! #in - 10/25/11 02:54 AM
How to end 2011 with a BANG! OCTOBER 25, 2011 BY BARRY OWEN LEAVE A COMMENT (EDIT) I sent the below to my group of REALTOR Colleagues . . . We’re committed to keeping this real estate in Middle Tennessee MOVING through the mythically slow winter months. Whatever your business, these principles apply . . . I believe THIS year is THE year to tip the scales in a very positive direction, and it all begins with collective determination and assuming the responsibility to do it. Hope you’re IN . . . and if you are, host a mastermind or 2 of your own to get … (0 comments)

goals: turning pages - LOTS of pages! #in - 02/11/11 12:29 AM
Posted on February 11, 2011 by Barry Owen
As I write this blog post in our living room, I see in front of me a coffee table with no fewer than 30 books in 2 piles.
I know that one of the piles is "books already read" and the other pile is "books to be read".
The reader?
Allison, our 9 year old 3rd grader is on a mission to excel. She gets "Book credits" for every book she reads between February 1-15.
If she accumulates 100 book credits, she qualifies for the highest Honor of being a proud member of … (1 comments)

goals: Myopic Vision and your life . . . #in - 09/24/10 04:58 AM
Myopic Vision and your life . . .
Posted on September 24, 2010 by Barry Owen
I'd venture to say that most everyone has heard of Myopia.
In fact, a good number of us live with myopic eyes (until we get old and crusty and our eyes develop (atrophe) to throw far sightedness into the picture, thereby creating the need for bi-focals).
It's a cruel trick nature plays - Can't clearly see things up close or far out.
The common use of the word "myopia" has to do your eyeballs.
I'm thinking of "Vision Myopia" with respect to the direction your life … (0 comments)

goals: Glass Achievement Ceilings are self-imposed boundaries #in - 07/27/10 01:49 AM
I know . . .
It's easy for ME to say that you can accomplish ANYTHING you set your mind to.
It's easy to say that if you identify and overcome ALL of your limiting beliefs, you will find success beyond measure.
It's easy to say that your potential is boundless -
Your self-imposed boundaries squelch this potential.
Your Glass Ceiling of Achievement through which you can see but cannot seem to figure out how to get through to the other side . . .
Like The fly beating himself to death on a pane of glass with freedom only 6 inches away … (1 comments)

goals: How to turn a "career limiting" behavior into a springboard to success. #in - 07/06/10 12:25 AM
I believe that the single most damaging human behavior is participation in other people's DRAMA.
If you get sucked into other people's drama, you're giving away your power and your drive towards your OWN success.
This is YOUR fault . . . no one else's.
Sure, "they" created the drama . . .
Don't forget that you DO have a choice - whether or not to participate.
Your goals and dreams are YOUR goals and dreams, and it is YOUR responsibility to do whatever it takes to maintain your FOCUS on those goals and dreams.
This includes protecting yourself from … (28 comments)

goals: remembering WHO your are &WHY you're "Here" is 9/10 of the game #in - 07/01/10 12:56 AM
Have you ever had a bad day?
I mean a REALLY bad day - the kind that brings you close to your breaking point?
So close to your breaking point that you're ready to throw in towel and just QUIT?
Never fear . . . It happens to all of us.
the champions are the ones who can face this kind of bad day and emerge "better than before".
so . . .
How do you do THAT?
I believe it begins with taking yourself back in time to that day when you decided that it would be a good idea … (2 comments)

goals: Eustress - the Fountain of Youth! #in - 06/29/10 01:03 AM
How are you when it comes to dealing with STRESS?
Don't shrug this off in denial . . . We ALL experience STRESS every day.
Stress can incapacitate even the strongest warrior over time without proper perspective.
There are different types of stress . . . and they are ALL essential in our lives because, for the most part, it's the tension created by stress that keeps us moving FORWARD . . .
Without some level of stress, we stagnate . . . Stagnant water will kill all life forms . . . there's gotta be some motion . . … (4 comments)

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