hirearealtor: Pricing a house right is not rocket science . . . but - 11/15/19 07:41 AM
DO NOT RELY ON ZILLOW ZESTIMATE! Even your PETS know not to trust the reliability of the internet.
So . . . Why would you even fathom trusting the internet to determine the “Market Value” of your house? Through the years, internet information has misguided MANY house buyers and sellers resulting in MANY MILLIONS of dollars of financial harm.
Sellers risk selling their house and “leaving many thousand dollars on the table” (Pricing WAY below market value) or enduring excruciatingly frustrating experiences with difficulty getting prospective buyers to show up . . . or MANY showings and no offers.
Sadly, many … (15 comments)

hirearealtor: Don’t count your chickens til they hatch - 04/25/17 06:52 AM
It ain’t closed til it’s closed! Some might judge me as being a pessimistic naysayer . . . I’d rather be known as real and truthful.
In the current Real Estate Market climate, the unexpected seems to happen more than its fair share of the time.
The Buyer crafts a MAGNIFICENT offer with NO contingencies to close on the day of the seller’s choosing AND $25,000 ABOVE the lisintg price. She evens writes a very heartwarming letter to the seller all about how lovely the house is and how wonderful it will be for her to live there for years and … (2 comments)

hirearealtor: How much is too much communication when buying a house? - 12/05/16 04:57 AM
There is NO such thing as too much communication throughout a real estate transaction.
While the process of buying and/or selling a house ain't rocket science, it involves a minimum of 42 people and myriad moving parts.
Even the smoothest of deals can go wacky in the blink of an eye.
Think about the mystical reality that when a Buyer and Seller come to terms on a house sale, it Opens a Space for 42+ people to participate. All of these folks have the same goal . . . to CLOSE the transaction ON TIME! Each of these people has a unique and very … (3 comments)

hirearealtor: Is that the right tool for this? - 01/09/15 10:25 PM
You wouldn’t grab a hammer to drill a hole. That Phillips Head Screwdriver won’t loosen that lug nut.
If you are going to use a tool, it is first important to learn the intended and proper use of it.
so . . . Maybe the first and best question to ask prior to tackling any project is:
“Do I have the right tool(s) for this job?”
Followed by:
“If I had the tools, would I know how to use it (them)?”
If the answer is “No!” to either or both of the above questions, the next question:
“Should I be the … (0 comments)

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