pareto realty: What Tiguan, Nike, and Pareto Realty have in Common - 02/28/14 03:41 AM
Tiguan I saw a Volkswagon Tiguan in traffic this morning and wondered what “Tiguan” meant, so I asked Daughter Jessica to Google it for me.
Here’s what she found “The name Tiguan, pronounced TEE-gwan, is a portmanteau of the German words Tiger (“tiger”) and Leguan (“iguana”)[5]“
The tag line rounds out the meaning: “The people want to play, but they want to play nice.” I found on this blog post How the Tiguan Got Its Name
Volkswagon won a lot of awards for the naming of their Tiguan Crossover Vehicle and US News & World Report wrote a fun article about it.
What’s a Tiguan? The Story Behind Car Names Nike Named after the Greek goddess of victory –

pareto realty: What Would you pay for a ticket to nowhere? - 01/30/14 09:07 AM
When you travel, odds are good that you buy a ticket to a specific destination for a reason. You probably also have an “Itinerary” which defines a time-line for your travels.
At said destination, there are people to see and things to do . . . It’s all very exciting.
With ticket in-hand, you arrive at Gate A64 and immediately check the Gate Marquee to confirm you’re in the right place – After all, missing your flight would be oh-so-inconvenient.
Once settled and buckled into your seat on the plane, the pilot’s voice crackles over the speaker system and welcomes you … (1 comments)

pareto realty: Monday Morning Coffee – Lunatics Taking over the Asylum - 01/27/14 02:16 AM
Does the word BLOVIATE bring anyone you know top of mind? bloviate PRONUNCIATION:
(BLO-vee-ayt)  MEANING:
verb intr.: To speak pompously. ETYMOLOGY:
Pseudo-Latin alteration of blow (to boast). Earliest documented use: 1845.   From   There are other words for folks like this – One of my favorites:   pon·tif·i·cate verb   pänˈtifiˌkāt/   e  
xpress one’s opinions in a way considered annoyingly pompous and dogmatic. “he was pontificating about art and history” Oh! . . . There are more!
addressstar admonishstar dogmatizestar evangelizestar haranguestar lecturestar ministerstar moralizestar preachstar teachstar get on a soapboxstar give sermonstar pulpiteerstar THESE are the people … (0 comments)

pareto realty: Numbers that MATTER – 6 – 39 – 242 – 220 – 569 – 337 - 10/18/13 06:54 AM
Each quarter, I reserve a couple of hours every day for a week to “cleanse” my database. It’s amazing how cluttered that thing can get after 3 months of “normal” business activity.
Our lives have gotten so “Raplex” (Rapid and Complex) that NOTHING stays the same for very long.
This quarter, my mission was to “take out the trash” . . . Not intending to sound insensitive . . . just being truthful.
As I started the cleansing routine, I began noticing people in my database who I could not fathom having any “relevance” to me personally or professionally. These people … (0 comments)

pareto realty: Do you know what you’re signing? A brief Glossary of Terms in Real Estate Contracts - 10/18/13 04:01 AM
Often, I see a Real Estate contract that I KNOW the Buyers and Sellers don’t fully understand. Each time it happens, I’m more perplexed.
How could a person sign a 9 page document committing them to the largest transaction of their life without having a full understanding of the terms?
Some folks might call this “Careless,” and many “get away with it” unscathed . . . but we Real Estate Sales Professionals know that it’s only a problem when it becomes a problem.
Is this a gamble worth taking?
Who’s responsible for defining the terms in a contract?
The ultimate responsibility … (1 comments)

pareto realty: “Coming Soon” May Not Always be an advantage for the Home Seller - 10/17/13 05:49 AM
Yes! This COULD cost you $50,000! Some REALTORS are true believers in planting a “FOR SALE” sign in front of a soon to be listed for sale home a week (or so) prior to officially listing the property in the MLS.
The Goal for the Seller:
To generate and BUILD STRONG Buyer Interest in the property such that when the listing goes LIVE, multiple Buyers will rush in to look thereby creating URGENCY – a frenzy to produce multiple offers resulting in a “Bidding War” and potential for an over listing price sale.
The (possible) Goal for the Listing Agent:
To … (3 comments)

pareto realty: This will make a nice home for someone one day! - 10/16/13 05:56 AM
Without question, I have great passion for this Art of helping people buy or sell houses. As I near completion of my 20th year as a Real Estate Sales Professional, I reflect back through all of those years and remember each and every “Transaction.”
The reality that sets in is that a real estate transaction is MUCH more than “Just a Transaction” to House Buyers and Sellers.
Most of these structures/spaces we call “Houses” that we are selling are actually HOMES to the Buyers and Sellers.
The Sellers have made them their HOME for a period of time and have memories … (2 comments)

pareto realty: BRT YES! AMP NO! - 10/14/13 06:00 AM
In Support of Economic Growth & Development without the Politics If you're not from Nashville, you're probably not aware of the astounding new Growth and Development our city is experiencing. Our City Leaders (Including our Mayor) are doing a remarkable job of keeping the momentum going . . . BUT
I think they're spending more MONEY than necessary. There are plenty of other people who agree with me and many who don't,and a healthy debate is ensuing.
Of course, I think I'm RIGHT :-)
Read this and let me know what YOU think: 
Yesterday, I was able to hear Mayor Karl … (0 comments)

pareto realty: Keeping it clean! - 10/10/13 12:13 AM
SPIDER WEBS EVERYWHERE! A few days ago, Deb asked me to grab a broom and take down all of the spider webs around the house (mostly outside on the deck).
I had noticed that there were more spider webs this year than other years and figured it was just a “Nature thing.”
Deb went on to say that she had talked with a bug expert who said that spiders are LAZY! They’ll move onto a used web and repair it if possible (rather than starting from scratch) . . . so if you don’t take down the old webs, you’ll actually … (0 comments)

pareto realty: Want more Referrals? Try less “I” and more “YOU!” - 10/09/13 12:20 AM
As I drove up my street this morning, a squirrel carrying a very large nut crossed my path. I commented to my daughter that the squirrels are all very busy gathering nuts these days in preparation for the winter . . . and it occurred to me that there’s another reason Squirrels gather nuts in the Fall . . . The trees PRODUCE the nuts in the Fall, so they gather as many as they can while the gettin’s good and before the snow Falls and covers them.
The “nuts” for every business are LEADS/Prospects . . . and the BEST ones come by … (2 comments)

pareto realty: Monday Morning Coffee – Proceed til Tackled - 10/07/13 04:23 AM
Good Monday Morning! This morning, I awakened to find an absolutely GLORIOUS day unfolding just outside our door.
Yesterday’s gloomy “Soaker” weather had departed in the darkness of night and was replaced by crisp, cool air and brilliant, blue, cloudless skies.
All I could think to say: “This is going to be BEST week EVER!”
There now . . . You, too, can make this your best week EVER . . . I give you that permission (as if it’s in my power to do so  )
As often is the case when I sit down to write Monday Morning Coffee, I have … (0 comments)

pareto realty: Creating URGENCY to BUY NOW! - 10/05/13 03:25 AM
Retailers take great pride in creating impulse purchase opportunities. There’s a complete science around show-room and store display designs.
Each retailer puts tremendous thought into where they place certain products and how they price all of their inventory.
“Loss leader pricing” dangles unbelievably bargain priced goods in near proximity to highly profitable items with the intent to lure the customer into the lair of “MORE and BETTER.”
Once the customer gets within range (inside the store and on the right aisle), the URGENCYfactor kicks in because there’s ALWAYS a “Limited time frame or limited inventory” available at that price.
If you wait, you’ll be … (0 comments)

pareto realty: Trust . . . but VERIFY! - 10/01/13 07:55 AM
Don't EVER be "too Busy" to VERIFY! We REALTORS have MANY “opportunities” to inadvertently mislead, omit, err, goof, or fail to honestly disclose as we list and sell real property.
Our clients rely on US to tell the truth and to advise them from a position of KNOWLEDGE so they can act upon their decisions with confidence.
Unfortunately, not all “Professionals” have a commitment to being sure that what they represent is true. Often, information on a property listing is “guestimated” or acquired 2nd (or 3rd) hand from their clients . . . with little effort made to verify accuracy/truth.
The … (0 comments)

pareto realty: Monday Morning Coffee (Tuesday Morning Edition) – Scare Yourself in October - 10/01/13 12:47 AM
Welcome to October! We are officially in our final quarter of 2013.
Many folks will report that business has been GOOD this year.
Even so, there’s still a fair amount trepidation when considering the future.
News of a “Government Shut-down” swirls around the media world, and we all wonder how that might affect us, our business, our way of life?
I cannot answer any of those questions.
What I can do is extend an invitation to you to scare the hell out of yourself this month.
Tis the month of Halloween, so what better month than this to pick up a new … (0 comments)

pareto realty: How did they come up with THAT price? - 09/30/13 06:42 AM
“I jumped over the cliff because HE jumped over the cliff.” “Well – Everyone ELSE was doing it, so I thought it was COOL!”
My NEIGHBOR told me she’s seen inside that house, and MINE is MUCH better.
I’ve got a $237,000 swimming pool and outdoor living area . . .
My curb appeal is WAY better than all of those other houses.
We’re not in grade school any more.
Just because someone else is doing it doesn’t make it right . . .
Other than the Local Real Estate Professional, Guess who’s most likely the best person to ask when it comes to determining the … (1 comments)

pareto realty: How’s the Real Estate Market? - 09/29/13 07:29 AM
Every REALTOR hears this question OFTEN. Depending on what the news is reporting, the intonation and body language of the asker varies, but the question seldom changes.
When the media is preaching doom and gloom in the economy and a person encounters a REALTOR, the tone is one of grave concern, empathy, Sympathy, a loving touch on the shoulder . . . as if there’s been a death . . . so with condolence and tenderness, the person asks: “How’s the Real Estate Market?” immediately followed by: “Are you OK?”
When the media is talking about “RECORD SALES,” the whole conversation changes because the general … (0 comments)

pareto realty: About your fear that the market will fall again! - 09/25/13 10:40 AM
Don’t think those thoughts! If what many folks say about “That upon which you focus , EXPANDS” is true . . .
and you are obsessed with this mortal fear that this busy market we are experiencing will tumble soon and leave us all floundering just as before (2007-2008) . . .
Then if it DOES tumble, I’m blaming YOU!
So many people seem to forget the fact that market conditions are not much different than weather conditions.
What do we do when the weather changes?
We take shelter or carry an umbrella or put on Sunscreen or add layers of … (2 comments)

pareto realty: Monday Morning Coffee – Autumn – Fall – Harvest - 09/23/13 12:38 AM
Today is the first full day of Autumn! This is one of my favorite days of the year, and the magnificence of the weather here in Middle Tennessee yesterday and today accentuate our appreciation.
Crisp mornings and mild days . . . Not too cold and not too hot.
At the advent of each new season, I pause and reflect on things like where we’ve been and where we’re going . . . and the reality that we have @ 90 days remaining in 2013.
So we have some choices to make.
Will we buckle down and commit to a STRONG finish for … (1 comments)

pareto realty: Unintelligible Gibberish is NOT Communication - 09/19/13 07:41 AM
If you have something important to communicate, speak CLEARLY! Don’t you love it when you check voice mail and one of the messages is so garbled that you’ve gotta listen to it 8 times before you have any idea who it is and why they called?
The phone number they left is only 6 digits . . .
They’re asking about “That property where your sign’s at . . .
and they want to see it NOW!
I had one today . . . Thick accent – Muffled – Low . . . and all I could get from it was … (3 comments)

pareto realty: we’re all just juggling - 09/18/13 07:45 AM
Go ahead and admit that you’re a juggler! IN the literal sense, a juggler keeps more than one ball (or object) in the air at a time and gives the observer the illusion that he has some mystical multi-tasking ability.
the reality of this act act is that the juggler is only touching one ball at a time for a brief moment and then tossing it back into the air.
We all do this in a figurative sense . . . and the ones who do it best understand that this is NOT an act of multi-tasking. We’ve simply learned a … (2 comments)

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