training: Why mastery of the fundamentals is so essential - 01/26/13 02:46 AM
  Today, our Basketball Coach (Famous Marmolejo) had a work related conflict and couldn’t be present for our 1st game.
He asked me if I could coach the game.
My first thought was sheer panic because I really had not paid close attention to his plays and strategies during the practices and had a high level of trepidation being able to orchestrate a smooth game.
I was worried that my ineptitude could handicap the team.
It didn’t!
Before the game, I pulled a few players aside and asked them to brief me on their understanding of the plays. Each player KNEW … (2 comments)

training: Chaos and Readyness - 09/12/12 02:16 AM
  Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?
Are you ready for whatever comes at you?
When I was in the Army, most of what we did was to prepare for chaos.
The last thing we wanted was to be SURPRISED by something we weren’t prepared (Equipped and Trained) to handle.
Virtually all of our training was repetitive, hands-on training intended to “automate” our responses to a variety of scenarios. If someone were to yell: “GAS” . . . everyone within earshot would don a gas mask in a fraction of second without even thinking about it.
“INCOMING” would result in the whole group … (2 comments)

training: “Live Fire Exercise” #in - 05/10/12 08:03 AM
  Military Troops train incessantly. I know - I served 12 years and have not since then seen ANY organization that focused on that level of training.
They practice practice practice . . . Assemble – Disassemble . . . Assemble – Disassemble . . . Assemble – Disassemble . . . and they DRILL Constantly.
Mostly it’s about creating and affirming the value of discipline and coordination.
The goal is to make “2nd Nature” every action required to survive a REAL fire-fight.
When real bullets are flying, you better NOT have to THINK about ANYTHING.
You don’t have time for that . … (0 comments)

training: Getting the most out of your Time, Energy, and Money . . . #in - 04/23/12 03:52 AM
We all have MANY “opportunities” to spend money on our businesses.   Whether it be marketing schlock, media ads (radio, TV, Print), Direct mail, BLAST email, Internet SEO, we can all spend a $gazillion dollars$ every month with the hope that it’ll perform as promised by bringing us MORE LEADS which will convert to MORE CLIENTS ultimately leading to MORE SALES which puts MORE MONEYin our accounts.   These days, it can feel a little bit like playing the lottery when we consider new marketing strategies. Who REALLY knows what WORKS?   Even when we find something that works well  . . . we soon learn that everything is ALWAYS … (0 comments)

training: Learning from the Janitor #in - 04/17/12 09:24 PM
  As we were driving to my daughter’s school yesterday morn, we passed Stokes Elementary . . . Jessica said: “Why would JANITORS need TRAINING?”
There’s a bit of a “back Story” here. Stokes is a GRAND OLD building that was an elementary school for YEARS. My guess is that Metro Schools “decommissioned” it as a school because of the expense of up-keep, etc. It is now an “extra school” in the area for use by other nearby schools as their buildings undergo renovation . . . It is also a “Training Facility” for Janitors.
My daughters know this because they … (1 comments)

training: Social Media - Filling in some blanks - Friday 6/10 - Will U B There? #in - 06/26/11 12:02 PM
Posted on June 7, 2011 by Barry Owen
Hope you're having a great week!
In our weekly series of "Guided Dialog Masterminds" each Friday, we are quickly becoming POWERFUL. Join us at any one or ALL of the below classes
THIS FRIDAY June 10 @ Pinnacle Bank Green Hills on Crestmoor
Blogging - Social Media - WordPress
9-9:45 - Have you heard of blogging . . . and read other people's blogs . . . and considered starting a blog of your own but just don't know how or what you'd say if you did start one? Why would you? Who would … (0 comments)

training: The perfect real estate firm . . . #in - 05/14/10 12:36 PM
Has anyone created the perfect real estate firm yet?
I know that every brand out there feels like they are the best thing for REALTORS since sliced bread . . .
BUT . . .
Once created, how do you continue to be the best?
Through thick and thin and changing times and changing markets and the emergence of new competitors, if you think you've got "IT"  . . . You're probably wrong.
You have "IT" for now (a short time) . . . and then some jerk moves the cheese.
So when someone moves the cheese, do you go get … (1 comments)

training: 8 year olds know how to deal with SUCCESS, do YOU? #in - 04/17/10 02:09 PM
Today's soccer game for our 8 year old daughter was a little embarrassing.
by the time Half-time rolled around, no-one was keeping score because our team was winning by something like a bajillion goals to NONE - I stopped counting @ 12.
Our coach was doing his best to show good sprotsmanship. He had even rotated the entire team into their individual WORST positions to try to even the odds just a tad for the other team . . . Didn't work . . . We continued to add points while they just couldn't figure out how to get the ball … (1 comments)

training: Perhaps it's time to get a little "selfish" with how you spend your energy, money, time, etc #in - 02/24/10 10:27 PM
When you decide to go to a "learning opportunity" (class or convention), are you going to learn or to Learn to take action?
Gary Keller said something that caught my attention with the simple comment that we should not learn just for the sake of learning . . . Learn with the purpose of taking action and improving or enhancing your way.
We all know "Career Students" who are always in class with little implementation, and we know these people to be "book smart."
Book smart people are the ones everyone goes to for the answers and are always thrilled to share … (2 comments)

training: Potential blooms with education and 2010 is the year for it #in - 01/05/10 11:39 AM
The sharpest tool in the shed is the one that pays regular visits to the grindstone.
Every tool has its season and there's a season for every tool.
When a tool is in its season, maintenance of that tool happens as needed, on the spot , , , or not at all because there's work to be done.
Off season, the tool might not make it to the sharpener because why?
It's doesn't need to be sharp when it's not in use.
Just as a roof problem doesn't leak when it's not raining . . . and when it IS raining, … (2 comments)

training: A good movie and a bucket of popcorn! - 03/05/09 10:14 PM
About a month into the school year, my 4th grade daughter forgot her lunch.
There are days when the cafeteria serves palatable food, but Fridays are not typically those days.
She called me from a strange phone number which I later discovered was her teacher's cell phone.
I extracted myself from the office and raced home to get the lunch and returned to her school to leave it for her. As I walked in the front door of the school, my next client appointment texted me that they would be an hour late, so I decided to take the lunch to … (4 comments)

training: Lunch with Senator Bob Corker - 02/18/09 10:58 PM
I'm "name dropping" . . .
I'll be hangin' with Senator Corker today for a couple of hours to pick his brain about what he thinks of the array of "solutions" we continue to see unfolding out of the Washington frenzied assault on the country's economic woes.
It's not exactly going to be just me and the Senator. There will be others there. This is a luncheon organized by our Local REALTOR associations.
I'm especially interested in the recent new initiative coming from the White House as described in this White house blog post 
You can't fault … (0 comments)

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