vision: What Would you pay for a ticket to nowhere? - 01/30/14 09:07 AM
When you travel, odds are good that you buy a ticket to a specific destination for a reason. You probably also have an “Itinerary” which defines a time-line for your travels.
At said destination, there are people to see and things to do . . . It’s all very exciting.
With ticket in-hand, you arrive at Gate A64 and immediately check the Gate Marquee to confirm you’re in the right place – After all, missing your flight would be oh-so-inconvenient.
Once settled and buckled into your seat on the plane, the pilot’s voice crackles over the speaker system and welcomes you … (1 comments)

vision: It’s what you do with the “Tween Space” that creates your success - 01/06/14 08:54 PM
Seth Godin leads a recent blog post with: “Sometimes, we’re so eager to have an opinion that we skip the step of working to understand.“
The title of the post?
The hard work of understanding He does a good job of ‘splainin’ just how bad some of us are at effectively communicating.
20 years ago, I saw Stephen Covey speak in a fairly small crowd . . . I walked out of that room with 4 words top of mind:
Seek FIRST to Understand! then to be understood!
Many folks enter negotiations ass backwards . . . CHARGING into the “conversation” … (0 comments)

vision: What’s Left to the Imagination? - 10/26/13 10:08 AM
Preparing a house for the market is an art form. The delicate balance is finding that look and feel of beauty and usefulness of the space all the while leaving enough to the imagination of the prospective Buyer that intrigue and excitement ensue.
If there’s too much “DONE,” the Buyer may have difficulty visioning the space as her own. She might admire it as “Someone else’s work of art” which stands very well on its own in the house . . . and it would be a shame to undo such a masterfully put together showplace.
When there’s not enough . … (2 comments)

vision: Why? - 12/13/12 11:34 PM
  Yesterday, I asked:
Christina Hood (Keller Williams Realty Redlands, CA) asked:
Good question!
When setting goals, the first gut response I have is:
Because it MATTERS!
Why do we set goals?
Because everyone else is doing it? (It’s cool) Because we believe that goals lead to reality? What we focus on expands? Because we were bored and wanted something to spice things up? Out of a need/desire for more MONEY? To Achieve FAME? I recon ALL of those are decent reasons to set goals. I figure as long as the setting of goals keep you moving, it’s doing it’s … (1 comments)

vision: Monday Morning Coffee – Thanksgiving! - 11/18/12 02:09 AM
  Any way you look at it, we’ve all got a LOT to be Thankful for.
The Weather
Our jobs
Financial position
Our talents
Of course, not everyone reading this has had “fulfillment” in all of the above this year.
We have each experienced ups and downs in virtually every one of these facets.
The good news is that we are still above the surface (Better than being 6 foot under) and have weathered all of the storms we have faced in the past year . . . this week is the week … (0 comments)

vision: Juggling . . . and Biz . #in - 02/28/12 02:10 AM
  How do you keep all of the balls in the air?
How many balls can you juggle without dropping any?
If I were to toss one more ball into your routine every few rotations . . . and you reached your capacity . . . how would you decide which balls to drop, and which balls to keep juggling?
The reality is that once you exceed your juggling capacity, you run a high risk of dropping ALL of the balls . . .
and your show stops . . .
til you can gather your wits and begin the juggling anew.

vision: How to end 2011 with a BANG! #in - 10/25/11 02:54 AM
How to end 2011 with a BANG! OCTOBER 25, 2011 BY BARRY OWEN LEAVE A COMMENT (EDIT) I sent the below to my group of REALTOR Colleagues . . . We’re committed to keeping this real estate in Middle Tennessee MOVING through the mythically slow winter months. Whatever your business, these principles apply . . . I believe THIS year is THE year to tip the scales in a very positive direction, and it all begins with collective determination and assuming the responsibility to do it. Hope you’re IN . . . and if you are, host a mastermind or 2 of your own to get … (0 comments)

vision: HEY! Clean up your cloud or no allowance for you! #in - 07/15/11 08:59 AM
HEY! Clean up your cloud or no allowance for you! Posted on July 15, 2011 by Barry Owen Do you hear your Mother’s voice? (CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM or ELSE!)
Sorry to elicit unpleasant memories, but I DO have a point.
How neat and tidy is your life?
Seriously! Is there any semblance of order and focus as you work your daily magic?
Have you heard of “Cloud Computing?“
If you have heard of it, you probably just cringed because of the twinge of misunderstanding about the myriad web-based “apps” that seem to be multiplying like rabbits creating a fog in your reality . . .

vision: Cicada Marketing Wisdom #in - 05/25/11 02:43 AM
Posted on May 25, 2011 by Barry Owen
We're in the midst of the cicada season here in Nashville, and I cannot help but think about cicadas (because they are EVERYWHERE and I think too much).
Literally, EVERYWHERE you can imagine . . . there they are . . . in the nooks and crannies, breezeways, cars . . . I'm thinking that there are probably a few hermetically sealed containers with impermeable walls that cicadas have found their way inside.
As obnoxious as they are, I think there are some things we can learn from them.
Why not learn from them?

vision: Measuring Success - a worthy pursuit? #in - 04/19/11 02:58 AM
Posted on April 19, 2011 by Barry Owen
How worried are you about YOUR success as it compares to others'?
Seth Godin fired off a short blog post The Internet as Envy Amplifier where he brings a perspective that seems to ring true:
"Now, if you choose, it's easy to find someone taller, richer, more successful, better liked, with more followers, online friends, connections and endorsements. And certainly it will be someone less deserving than you."
"A number isn't who you are, and your status compared to other people isn't how you're doing."
Some folks are competitively driven and MUST measure their … (1 comments)

vision: What's LUCK got to do with it? #in - 03/10/11 01:22 AM
Posted on March 10, 2011 by Barry Owen
When talking about a High Performing person, it's easy to blame her success on LUCK!
The green monster of envy often shows up, and folks might snarl and say things like: "OH! She's just LUCKY . . . She has that Midas touch! Everything she touches turns into GOLD! . . . It's just NOT FAIR because she just flits around and gathers clients without appearing to have any plan whatsoever."
It's difficult for folks to understand why some succeed at very high levels seemingly effortlessly while others "work like dogs" with nominal results.
This isn't … (1 comments)

vision: "Selling out" when times are lean . . . #in - 01/22/11 09:53 AM
Posted on January 22, 2011 by Barry Owen
I'm naturally gun-shy about getting involved in Multi-level Marketing businesses (Network Marketing). I see as the economy tightened up, a LOT of folks turned towards "other sources of income", and I saw more and more "opportunities" coming my way.
Ostensibly (as a business owner and business coach) I tie this discomfort back to FOCUS. That is - If I allow myself to take my eye off the ball of moving my business forward every day, then I am cheating my own potential for success.
The distraction of pursuing "another business" is an entrepreneurial … (1 comments)

vision: Channeling Entrepreneurial Spirit #in - 01/06/11 02:39 AM
Posted on January 6, 2011 by Barry Owen
To some degree, all of us were born with Entrepreneurial tendencies.
Some of us do more with it than others . . . both in productive ways and some not so productive ways . . . while others prefer the "known" and squelch it near zero.
I know some rabid (serial) entrepreneurs. These are very exciting folks to be around. They're ALWAYS into something new and different . . .
If it's selling, you never know what you're going to get when they call - Travel Club? Cosmetics? Health supplements? Mail out cards? . … (0 comments)

vision: ONWARD! (Invitation) - Goal Setting and LIfe Rhythm for 2011 - 11/27/10 10:25 AM
ONWARD! (Invitation) - Goal Setting and LIfe Rhythm for 2011
Posted on November 27, 2010 by Barry Owen
Thanksgiving was nothing short of wonderful - 3 full days of doing not much more than eating and being a sightseer in our own town of Nashville . . . and NOTHING that resembled work.
Today (day 4), the brain began sliding into gear with thoughts of what the next few weeks will look like before year end.
What can I accomplish before January 1?
What have I started in 2010 that I would like to FINISH in 2010?
What can I do NOW to create … (2 comments)

vision: If you don't take your medicine as prescribed, it won't work. #in - 11/12/10 03:52 AM
If you don't take your medicine as prescribed, it won't work.
Posted on November 12, 2010 by Barry Owen
I wonder how many bajillion dollars are spent each year by professionals of all kinds for "CE" (continuing education) or "Business Building Seminars" or Coaching or Accountability Partners or Motivational tapes (CDs)?
Part Deux of the question: "How many of the professionals who spend this time, money, energy on these programs actually implement (put to good use) the information they Hear/learn?
At the end of a seminar, most folks emerge "FULL" of great ideas and lists and lists of ways they can jump-start or improve … (0 comments)

vision: "Don't spend money you don't have!" (and other Fatherly advice) - 10/28/10 03:15 AM
"Don't spend money you don't have!" (and other Fatherly advice)
Posted on October 28, 2010 by Barry Owen
Doesn't it drive you crazy when you get yourself into a pickle and you hear:
"I told you so!" ?
"If only you had LISTENED to me . . . "
My paternal instincts come forth often as I coach and consult with Professionals who are always doing the best they know to do with the resources they have, and sometimes wander astray of the fundamentals of sound life and business practices.
We are all responding to rapid complexity (My father calls this "raplexity") … (0 comments)

vision: Monday Morning Coffee - Doing 1 thing more? or Less? - 10/18/10 12:37 AM
Monday Morning Coffee - Doing 1 thing more? or Less?
Posted on October 18, 2010 by Barry Owen
Good morning!
Woke up thinking about a little simple math this morning.
Seth Godin dropped a line to this post entitled "The N+1 Theory" by Fred Wilson.
"The N+1 Theory states that there is always one more of anything."
Which ends with the author's final statement: "I find the N+1 theory very inspiring. It is pure optimism sprinkled with tenacity and we need that in our work and our lives."
I like it!
I especially like that optimism part . . . being the … (5 comments)

vision: 1+1=3 & 3+1=7 & 7+1=13 - 10/16/10 10:57 AM
1+1=3 & 3+1=7 & 7+1=13
Posted on October 16, 2010 by Barry Owen
What kind of crazy math is THAT?
Well . . . Walkin' the dog this morning I was thinking about how great ideas come together. Often, there's a person who conjures in her own mind what she believes to be a great idea. She thinks about it and chews on it and starts adding form to it inside her head for a while until she becomes such a believer that she cannot keep it inside any longer . . . She must SHARE her idea lest her head explode.

vision: Ch Ch Ch Ch Changin' #in - 10/07/10 02:44 AM
There's a lot of change going on out here!
Posted on October 7, 2010 by Barry Owen
What else is new?
If things weren't changing, we'd be bored, stagnant . . . dead.
Not all of us like change.
Fall is one of those seasons that I notice a substantially variable opinion of change . . . Some folks LOVE the cooler weather and relish the notion that snow may come this year (in Middle TN, snow in the winter is not a given) . . . Others bemoan the absence of the Summer heat.
Good thing we're all different.
Other … (2 comments)

vision: Round up your posse and save the damsel in distress. #in - 09/30/10 12:44 AM
Round up your posse and save the damsel in distress.
Posted on September 30, 2010 by Barry Owen
I'm goin' "Cowboys and Indians on ya today!
As I develop Pareto Realty, i often stop myself and think about WHO to invite to the party and WHY each person would be a good fit. What does each person bring to the table that will help all of us achieve our goals?
That then tumbles into thoughts of what the "end game" - The true mission of a real estate firm (or ANY organization for that matter) is?
Why are we in business … (0 comments)

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