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I don't understand!  How does AR Work? I posted two blogs today and only one got points But both are out there and have been read and have comments, so I know it was an accepted blog.  This is the one that did not get recognized Wh...
  SOLD and not short sales!!!   Can he sell it?  Yes he can!   352-547-1074 Bob the Realtor
I get a lot of internet leads these days as I am sure most of us do.  Usually they have an email and often a phone number.  I respond to them using both media and add them to an action plan. Most experts say an internet lead is 12-18 months from buying.  My action plans are 8x8, then a different ...
Would You Bet on a Housing Recovery in 1 Year?  2 Years?  3 Years? Most markets are near or at the bottom.  Some have even started recovering. So this innovative San Francisco company has found a way to make money off people's fear.   Now Available: Homeowner’s Insurance You Needed in 2006    Thi...
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul; And You & I are Peter! Part IV This drives me crazy!!  BOA sells near worthless mortgages to Fannie - see Part III.  And Fannie fails to force BOA to take back the worthless ones they securitized earlier!  And now since Fannie is in receivership, we have the fox watchin...
Most users are familiar with a few of Windows shortcut keys - ctrl c - ctrl v.  If not Craig Daniels wrote a nice blog regarding Windows short cut keys.  Not many Windows users are familiar with another shortcut k...
Larrry Bettag Illinois FHA Specialist  challenged us to post real estate best practices for his contest! Larry, without even a doubt I say it is: Prospecting!  And for me it is working the phone.  That is the fastest way to make as many contacts per hour and appointments per day.  Expireds - they...
I am the most over educated in my office - why that makes me successful! I often tell people I am the most over educated Realtor in my office. And I say that not to brag but as a lead in to why that makes me successful. You can check out My Profile for more details. My US Air Force experience hel...
why being an engineer helps me be sucessful in real estate  

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