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Realtors Charge Sellers Too Much!!!! Why is this the perception of the public?  Is it because of the cars we drive? My truck is almost 10 years old.  OK I also drive a Corvette that is 23 years old - almost historic, but without the prestige.     It is just old! Or is it because they fail to unde...
Does anyone have a great script? I am looking for a great script when making just listed calls.   I am using White Pages‘ neighborhood feature to pull up a map of homes around my new listings.  It gives me names, addresses, and phone numbers for most of the surrounding homes.  I usually get quit...
Price Trumps All!  Even Flooded Homes   I have a pretty good listing presentation and use it most of the time.  However, sometimes that is not the best approach.   I sometimes boil down my plan to sell a home into 3 requirements:   Marketing Condition Price   I briefly explain my marketing plan t...
Does Anyone Have Any Statistics?   We have all heard that Real Estate is a numbers game.  And to win at this game (or at least be successful), we should “Know Our Numbers”. With that in mind, does anyone have any statistics as to: 1.      When are the most Active Rainers on line? 2.      Members ...
  “can i still buy a home with a credit score of 598 and ten thousand dollars down payment?”   One of the national homes real estate sites allows people to pose questions to which presumably agents will respond to and convert them to a lead. I am usually too busy working the leads I have, and som...
You could live here if you choose...     But I think I would rather live here....   Some people have different ideas of what is fun....           I prefer my fun not to hurt so much.....         If I decide to take up golf I will need all the help I can get. The northern climate will be of no hel...
When Will Mortgage Rates Increase? 2012? 2013?   When Will Mortgage Rates Increase? 2012? 2013?   03/27/2012 - Update The last two weeks seem to indicate that sooner or later rates will go up. And it looks like sooner !!   Mortgage rates up   I predicted a year ago that rates will go up and was p...
Well, I Set a Milestone Today. Why is that Significant?   So why is this one important?  Because, only about 6 months ago, I became a Rainmaker. The first 100,000 took me almost 2 years. The second took me only 6 months - 4x as fast.   So, if anyone is sitting on the fence of becoming a Rainmake...
Real estate pros more optimistic than owners   Thisarticle that just came out in the UPIsuggests an interesting phenomenon. “Some 37 percent of real estate pros now believe properties will appreciate in value, compared to just 15 percent who felt that way in the previous quarter. While 22 percent...
This is one of the best posts I have read in weeks.  I am often critcal that we bloggers spend more time complaining about each other and how we are treated by our clients and not enough time education the public and blogging for new business.  I am guilty myself.  But Larry and Sheila have done ...

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