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Rolando has written a great post on how to protect yourself from home burglaries.  But has done it in the most creative and humorous way!  Don't miss this post for it's great info and a chuckle or two.  Thanks Rolando.Successful burglars have lots in common — home owners who unwittingly give invi...
This great post from Ginny is fun to read but also shows how powerful video (I know Bob from AR staff, you told us so!) can be in generating leads adn getting homes sold.  The world is moving to video on everything!  Thanks Ginny!Is that House Still for Sale?  I get many emails and contacts throu...
We really liked Greg's post and particularly the sense of humor.  Although, it is usually not humorous when we get some of these pre approval letters.  But thanks Greg for added a chuckle to our day!There are currently seven different kind of approval letters. It all depends on who you get the fr...
Michael does a great job distinguishing between the pre-qual and pre-approval letters.  Which do most of you Realtors require?  Do you show homes without at least one or the other?  We usually require at least the pre-qual.  If not on the first appointment, definitely on the second.In today’s wor...
I'm Not Giving Mine Away Like My Neighbors Did!   How many times have we heard that? ! We actually got that from a neighbor of one we sold recently.   So let's think about that Mr. & Mrs. Potential Seller. Your neighbor "gave" their house away!   But wait, someone actually did pay them money for ...
If Mortgage Rates were an Olympic Event!     The headlines should be screaming " U.S. Mortgage Rates score a perfect Ten and win the U.S. it's first Gold at the Summer Olympics"!    Rates are at historic lows and almost below the long range average inflation rate.  That means that just normal inf...
Brad has some very sage advice that applies to all not just home owners.  He was featured but we weree surpised it was not re-blogged.  So we did it for him!  Even if you are renting and thinking of buying you can apply Brad's advice.Top Three Lessons for Financially Responsible Home Owners. By: ...
How Low Can You Go? Below 3.5%?  No Way! Yes Way!   We wrote this only a few short weeks ago.  When we looked at it and saw 3.79 and this week it is 3.49%! Come on buyers what are you waiting for?  This is a chance of a lifetime! Original Post How Low Can You Go? How Low Can You Go?  Did I just f...
What Buyers and Sellers Do With Summer in SLOWcala Ocala, Florida is not the most bustling metropolis.  In fact most of the locals referred to it as SLOWcala.  And that is when the snow birds are here! We think we have firgured out just what people do in Ocala, Floridal during the HOT Summer mont...
inShare Have we hit bottom yet? We wrote this post a little over two years ago.  What lousy forecasters we were!  The neighborhood of Wynchase is still falling (and made fall into the recent sinkholes)! The other two neighborhoods have bounced back ~15%!! We better stick to selling homes and lea...

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