ipad: Listing photos iPad, iPhone, or regular camera? - 11/25/13 08:14 AM
Listing photos iPad, iPhone, or regular camera?
Which camera are most of you using these days?  
We know many of you may be getting professional photos, but the price point in our market does not justify except a few luxury properties.
If you are using an iPhone or iPad are you using any special apps?  We struggle with the auto focus and auto exposure, especially on the iPad.  Any hints?
Last question - why did Apple not include a flash on the iPad?

ipad: Before You Upgrade Your iPad or iPhone to iOS7, Read This! - 09/29/13 07:27 PM
Before You Upgrade Your iPad or iPhone to iOS7, Read This!
Apple's newest operating system for the iPhone and iPad is out.  And most of the features seem to work and most people will have no trouble upgrading.  However, Apple does not give you an easy way to back out of the upgrade once complete.  Here is a way to do it! 
We learned this trick via having to replace an iPad under warranty.  Following similar steps will allow you to "recover" back to your previous version and settings.  A friend did not follow our advice and was on Apple's tech support … (14 comments)

ipad: Zite - Your Personal News Feed - 05/28/13 04:18 AM
Zite - Your Personal News Feed  
We recently came across this iPad app that we just love!  Zite feeds you news articles according to what you like and read!  Zite starts with a few major catergories like technology, business, etc.  As you read the articles and click Zite's "like" it feeds even more of those articles.  After only a few weeks it gives us more than we can read every evening. Much better than reading Facebook newsfeeds!!  
                                                            Your personal news. Your Zite is as unique as you are. Zite learns what you like and gets smarter … (8 comments)

ipad: The Spirit of Steve Jobs Lives On! - 01/12/13 01:14 AM
The Spirit of Steve Jobs Lives On!
For the toddler who has it all! Or the dotting parents who need help potty training their toddler!
iPotty To Toilet Train Your Toddler  
from the Associated Press:
"In many ways, the iPotty -- one of the wacky products to come out of CES 2013 -- was bound to happen. Toddlers are tech-savvy. Moms and dads turn to apps for help with toilet training. And yes, a fair number of adults use gadgets in the bathroom."
Or as someone in our office said "reading material for when they are an adult! lol


ipad: iPad or iPhone for Photos or Videos? - 09/14/12 12:13 AM
iPad or iPhone for Photos or Videos?
Is any one using their iPad or iPhone for Photos or Videos to post on their mls or use for video blogs?  We are wondering how the quality is and what tools you use.  If so are you editing the video in iMovie on the iPad?  Or do take it over to a full blown editor on a MAC or PC?
We are getting ready to start using video in our listings, pre-listing packets, emails etc. 
Keep in mind Ocala & Marion County median price is $94k, so hiring a … (7 comments)

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