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2009 - Prairieville Louisiana 70769 Real Estate News, Housing Trends, Home Prices, Appraiser Market Studies... Manchac Commons Appraiser Housing Market Study Solds from 01/01/2008 to 12/31/2008 revealed: Average Sales Price: $232,247 Average Sold Price Per...
New Kodak Pocket Flip Style "HD" Camcorder With EXTERNAL MIC JACK $179.00 AND Why You Should Care! There's a new review out on this new "Flip" style camcorder. "HD" quality in these small devices is nothing new as the FLIP Mino HD has been out for a while now.....I own one and love it: What is so...
07/29/2009 - Greater Baton Rouge Townhome and Condo Market Still Faces Challenges in 2009 I recently performed an appraisal in the gated townhome development, Bromley Townhomes in Baton Rouge 70810, which was further evidence to me that the Post Katrina Very Hi...
07/21/2009 - Will Cap & Trade 'Green' Turn To RED For Home Appraisers? Washington Appraiser, Dave Towne, Asks A Good Question Here! Appraisers......... At present, there are very few specifics known about the Waxman ‘Cap and Trade (Tax)' energy bill just passed by th...
07/08/2009 - Gonzales Louisiana 70737 Villa Gardens Housing Report Midyear 2009 by Ascension Parish FHA Appraisers                                 Solds In Villa Gardens Subdivision from 07/01/07 to 07/01/08 revealed: Average Sales Price: $161,250Average Sold Pr...

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