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2011 - What Declining Baton Rouge Real Estate Market Looks Like and  Why There Are Low Appraisals. I'd like to correct this right here and now.  I had an Active Rain member post this comment to this post and then remove the comment, "Thank you for explaining ho...
Baton Rouge Housing News: Lakeside 2011 Shows Continued Correction In Local Home Prices Read The Original Article Here:  Baton Rouge Housing News: Lakeside Subdivision 2011 Report   Solds In Lakeside Subdivision from 1/2011 to 11/18/2011 revealed:Average Sales Price: $358,167 (-$16,533 From 2010 ...
11/22/2011 - Baton Rouge Housing News: Positive Third Quarter Numbers In, Unemployment Down.  Per the La REALTORS® report, Louisiana home sales were up twenty percent in Q3 2011 and up 2.5 percent year-to-date!  Read the original post here:  Baton Rouge Housing News: Pos...
Baton Rouge Real Estate Agent Tips For NOT Having Your YouTube Channel Terminated or Suspended! YouTube is owned by Google and knows the normal pulse of your Real Estate Channel and can recognize unsual activity on it. Read The Original Post Here: How Baton Rouge Real Estate Agents Can Avoid Havi...
What Are These Baton Rouge Vote For Amendment #1 To Stay Tax Free Signs About? The Louisiana REALTORS® Association is supporting a constitutional amendment on the November 19th ballot to prohibit any new real estate transfer taxes in the state. A vote FOR Amendment #1 on November 19 will… *Protec...

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