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Today we are focusing on the big world of little technology. I'm considered a "little girl"-in stature that is.....and I love small tech that I can put into my purse, bag, or even pocket. It just makes life easier. I picked out a few essentials gadgets that could prove useful for that person who ...
I don't know about you but I have tons of email accounts, six business and three personal. Now I know that I probably have more accounts than most of you out there but even if you have two or three accounts keeping up on them can be pretty hard. So what can you do to cut down the time, effort, a...
Lijit is a “personal” search engine it is a tool that allows people to see what you are up to in the big beautiful social Internet world! It covers social and group associations, all of your content, blog statistics, and your blog buddies. So let’s break down what I like about each area: Social &...
05/23/2008, Qik enables you to stream live video directly from your cell phone! Now, I am not a 100% sure which carriers have which phone models-you will have to check that out on your own, so if it turns out that Verizon has one of these phones, hooray! I have a Blackberry without the camera becaus...
Party Time!! I don't know about you but for almost all party occasions my friends and I use Evite is easy to use, it's easy to manage the guest list, it's cutesy-which of course is important, and it can be monitored from anywhere. So when planning a get together most of the time I go ...
There are two tools I want to talk about for you dictators!! That is "dictators" that like to dictate rather than write....I do not have tools for you tyrannical leaders out there, sorry! The first cool tool is Jott a voice to text service that allows you to call an 800 number and turn your spoke...
I found this article below online and I wanted to see if anyone had any feedback? The article talks about being a great buy for investors. I understand the advantages for primary and/or second home purchasers (I've written about it) and possible long term potential for investors, but not short te...
I am a sucker for new and cool gadgets! I also like to know how my marketing, communication efforts, and time allocation is paying off. Now I do not want to be too big brother, because like everyone else out there I have avoidance and procrastination issues, but knowing when someone has read my e...
Starting or even running a small business often requires you to explore multiple options for capital,so once you've exhausted your local resources where do you go next? Where banks are scaling back it seems more and more opportunities for private money are popping up. We will look at two venture ...
So you are sitting down to write your blog, you have tons of ideas and you are ready to go, but then the idea of sitting down organizing and typing out your thoughts just seems too tedious for words! So what do you do? Well you could just do a video but for us ego driven women that is work in its...

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