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  Today I had an agent ask me what’s up with “Price per Square Foot”, she was confused why two houses on the same street could have such a large difference in the “price per square foot”.  I was at a lose on how to explain it to her, deep down I get why a smaller house has a larger “price per sq...
Most books tell you to form a team, and hire buyer’s agents to work for you.  The books say you don’t want to take your time driving buyers all around town, to find the perfect home.  Some would say “buyers are liars”, well not me I say bring on the buyers.   I am a buyer’s agent; I only dealt w...
Simi Valley California in the late 60’s and early 70’s we had some what of a building boom.  As a Realtor I have been in just about every model of home in my town.  I am convinced that the builders had one supplier for the bathroom; we all have the same counters, cabinets, and light fixtures.  S...
            So this week I was training three new agents, and we were working on listing presentations.  As some of you might know that a listing presentation is my Achilles heal.  So the conversations turned to how are you going to market a home… much are you going to spend on each listing...
So Dan the Running Man Memed me, well five things you would never know about me: I married an Irish man a long time ago, that was still the smartest decision of my life, and have three children 6, 10 & 12.  The eldest was born at one lbs. 12 oz. and is proof that miracles do happen.   My family ...
I have been an Angel Fan my whole life; really I am third generation Angel fan.  One of my favorite people is Mike Scioscia.  As most of you know, he took my beloved Angels and coached them to perfection.  He has a fundamental understanding of baseball, and how to bring the best out in his playe...
Today I spoke to First Franklins “Prevention” department.  The prevention department works with clients who mortgages have adjusted and they can not handle the change.    I called and “interviewed” a “prevention” department lady, who explained to me that if the borrower’s loan has adjusted, and ...
So here I am again prepping for a listing presentation,   once again I feel a bit inadequate in my listing presentation.  Now I am turning to the Active Rain, I am confident in my CMA, so what else should I put in the presentation?  Who has the awesome tips for me to help take my listing present...
NAR released a news article this week on what the typical Realtor looks like.  It shows that real estate can be fruitful if you are in it for the long haul.  This article talks about what Realtors really earn, how old they are, and how long the average Realtor is had their license.  I highly rec...
Yesterday I had the privilege of hearing Walter Sanford speak.  I am a real estate education junky.  I will go hear anyone speak.  When Walter was introduced, it was mentioned that he had sold a house a day for 17 years, so of course that got my attention.  Walter came out and I think the whole ...

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