appraisal: New rules for Appraising - coming 9/1/2011 - 04/13/11 09:32 AM
Our Friends at Fannie and Freddie, have decided to change the way appraisers describe the quality and condition of homes we appraise and the comparables we use. 
Since I started appraising in 1977 - we described properties as being: Good, Average, Fair or Poor - sometimes adding "very good" or "excellent" or fudging with "low-average" or "average-" - knowing if you determined the condition or quality of the home as fair or poor - you probably killed the deal.  So many appraisers pre-set "average" in their appraisals for the subject & comps. Which I will admit is a problem.
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appraisal: HVCC, House bill H.R. 1728, and Appraiser Independance - 05/08/09 11:04 AM
May 8, 2009
One week in with the HVCC (home value code of conduct).  This is a Fannie - Freddie requirement that a seperation be made between loan production and the appraisal.  Taking away the ability of a loan broker from choosing the appraiser - either directly or indirectly.  It is designed to keep the appraisal process away from the pressure to hit needed values or produce reports that get the loan made.  It is not unusual for a lender client to stop using an appraiser if that appraiser killed a deal, and appraisers learned (sometimes) to do whatever it takes to … (1 comments)

appraisal: Picking Your Appraiser - 09/24/08 08:18 AM
As an appraiser I get lots of e-mails to sign up for appraiser lists - typically with an annual or monthly fee.  I will go the site to check out the coverage in my area of Southern California - and I am SHOCKED on the number of listings for appraisers living miles and miles away - claiming they can cover 4 - 5 counties in Southern California.  What will be the quality of an out of the appraiser provided - and WHO will actually come see the property?
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appraisal: Was I a bad girl (appraiser)? - 09/04/08 10:14 AM
Was I a bad girl (appraiser)?
Beverly A. Bayer, SRA - Moreno Valley, CA
This week I finished an appraisal concluding that the property was selling for 15% over current market value, knowing it could probably kill the deal.  I know the real estate agents will not be happy, and probably the loan broker and lender will be very angry.  I have not yet been paid for the appraisal, and could very well have problems getting paid for my work.  I understand real estate is a success based business: you sell a home - you get a commission / you make … (7 comments)


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