short sale prince william: 2 Years, 800 phone calls, 900 faxes, 1200 e-mails and 6 Buyers later...... - 08/08/12 01:40 AM
OK, so I did NOT count all the calls and faxes (though we do track them online), BUT, today we FINALLY got approval on a NIGHTMARE B of A short sale (and we DID go through 6 Buyers).
Lessons learned:
1 - Never Ever Quit on your client - many times the client had had it, as had we, but, persistence gets it done
2 - Condo Fees - the Investor WILL pay them.  My negotiator said they would NOT pay any delinquent condo fees, that the Investor never pays condo fees in Virginia.  A few calls directly tot he … (6 comments)