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From July 23 to 25, Celebration becomes a veritable Who's Who of Survivor stars, with some Amazing Race and Big Brother people sprinkled in there for good measure. From Come meet the stars of the hit reality shows “Survivor” , “The Amazing Race” and “Big Brother” as a p...
Some mates from the UK were wondering about Segway tours of Celebration. I can't say how they found out about these tours, but they contacted me to learn more. So, as a public service, you should check out: Segway Tours of Celebration, Florida. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, but I can v...
I managed to talk myself out of buying an iPad when it first came out. The Responsible Brian narrowly edged out the OMG Gimme Gimme Brian, but it fell just short of what I wanted for that price. If version 2 has the following, then, unless the world implodes, I will happily fork over my cash. Fro...
This is a great post that should help clarify some of the questions and misconceptions about the various degrees of loan "pre-approval".Lenn Harley wrote a blog on Sunday in which she rightfully questioned the accuracy of what was being stated on another blog about Pre-Approval Letter. The writer...
Are you using an email address for your work? What about @(city) Or some other email address tied to your ISP? Have you thought about the long-term considerations of doing so? When you use an ISP email account, you are now bonded to that servic...
Article: A Walker's Guide to Home Buying For a few years in the early 2000's, I lived in South Tampa and worked in central New Jersey (Somerset County). Monday mornings I woke up bright (well...) and early, hopped on a plane, and was to my cube in Raritan by lunchtime. On Fridays I'd hea...
Are you and your computer best friends, or do you have a relationship based on grudging acceptance of one another? Would listening to you talk to your laptop make George Carlin blush? Do you feel like your smartphone could be doing so much more for you? I come from a deep technology background, s...

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