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10 Ways to Pick The Right District By Jay Mathews We say we are buying a house. But for most of us parents, the house is not the whole story. It is the local public school we are investing in, and sometimes it can be a very daunting financial and personal decision. In the early 1990s, when my jou...
How To Get The Feds To Slash Your Mortgage PaymentStephane FitchRates can fall to 2%--if you know how to play the game. If your income slumped along with the economy, you've got plenty of company these days. So much so that the government has a program meant to help you out by cutting your mortga...
New Rules Coming Soon By BOB TEDESCHI   STATES have taken the lead in adopting laws to protect consumers from some of the problem loans that helped trigger the home foreclosure crisis, but the federal government is now stepping up its efforts.On Oct. 1, new rules adopted by the Federal Reserve wi...
What the housing 'rebound' means for youHomes are selling again, but the market today is divided by price point. Your best strategy depends on where your home sits on that spectrum.By Amanda Gengler, Home sales are rising. Builders are buying lots. And prices are no longer in free fall. After so ...
Who Owns Your Mortgage? “Produce the Note” Movement Helps Stall Foreclosures Modern-day home mortgages have been so sliced and diced by rapacious financiers that some homeowners are successfully delaying -- or even blocking -- foreclosures through the simple tactic of demanding that banks produce...
Buyer's remorse is common, but here are five ways to beat it by Amy Hoak Most people have experienced buyer's remorse in some form, whether it's feeling guilty over the price paid for a new pair of shoes or a jab of regret after splurging on some unneeded tech gizmo. 

But when it comes to one of...
Tech-savvy agents get results By Melissa M. Ezarik     As Eva Lyford searched for someone to sell her Indianapolis home, she wanted someone who was tech-savvy. Lyford, a 30-something IT business analyst, says she "wanted a Realtor in this economic downturn who could pull out all the stops and pre...
Need a mortgage? Consider an FHA loanGovernment-insured Federal Housing Administration loans now make up about 25% of the mortgage market. Here are five things you need to know.By Beth Braverman 1. Chances are good that you'll come across one. During the heyday of no-money-down lending, you were ...
So are Short Sales the new Foreclosures? Have you noticed tha banks aren't listing as many REO (real-estate owned)/Foreclosures homes lately?You're not alone. Many lenders have finally awaken to the fact that it's more profitable to work with the troubled owner and avoid the legal fees and other ...
Check out some links to Research Crime in the Neighborhood where you are looking to buy: SURE YOU RESEARCH THE NEIGHBORHOOD BEFORE YOU BUY!!  If you know of some other good websites, please sha...

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